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Kanał: 240252

Roaring 1920s: Howard Lanins Orch. Dont Wake Me Up, Let Me Dream 1926
  • 17 godz. temu
  • 02:49

Howard Lanin’s Ben Franklin Dance Orchestra – Don’t Wake Me Up, Let Me Dream, Fox-Trot (Gilbert – Baer, Wayne) Victor 1926 (USA) NOTE: Howard LANIN (b. 1897, Philadelphia - d. 1991 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) American popular dance bandleader in the 1920/30s. He was born to the family of Russian/ Jewish immigrants as the middle child of 9 children and one of 6 brothers. Sam Lanin – one of the most popular and most prolific bandleaders in the Roaring Twenties and Lester Lanin, also a bandleader were his brothers. During his school...

Roaring Twenties: Singin In The Rain Jack Miller & The New Englanders, 1929
  • 2 dni temu
  • 03:02

Jack Miller acc. by The New Englanders - Singin’ In The Rain, Fox-Trot from „Hollywood Revue of 1929” (N.H.Brown – A.Freed), MGM 1929 (USA) NOTE: Together with such once well-known American singers like Seger Ellis, Nick Lucas, Paul Small, Johnny Marvin, Franklyn Baur, Dick Robertson and many others, Jack Miller belongs to those really fine yet completely forgotten today crooners from the Jazz Age. He seems to have been recorded between 1929-33 and he disappears from the American musical market thereafter - eliminated by growing power of a...

Tango Angola, 1930 Henryk Golds Orch. & Tadeusz Faliszewski
  • 3 dni temu
  • 03:12

Tadeusz Faliszewski & Ork. Henryka Golda – Angola, Tango z rewii „Sympatia Warszawy” (from Morskie Oko revue The Darling Of Warsaw) (M.Julski – A.Włast), Syrena-Electro 1930 (Polish) NOTE: The Polish tango "Angola" is probably the only dance hit of the interwar period in the world, which had been devoted to that distant African country - which was then a Portuguese colony and called "Portuguese West Africa". Egypt, Arabia, Morocco, Sahara - yes, why not. They often were objects of the artists’ fascinationa. But Angola? Whats more, the...

Smith Ballew & His Orch. Sing, You Sinners 1930
  • 4 dni temu
  • 03:19

Smith Ballew and His Orchestra – Sing, You Sinners, Fox-trot from the Movie “Honey” (Harling-Coslow), Vocal Refrain by Smith Ballew & Chorus, Parlophone 1930 (recorded in USA; British product) NOTE: "Sing, You Sinners" is a popular song with music by W. Franke Harling and lyrics by Sam Coslow. In 1930 it was used in the film Honey starring Lillian Roth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HoJmYLtQlFs The song in the “Honey” movie is performed by a black “sing ye’ brothers and sisters” chorus in the good old Hollywood style (which in Smith...

Tornerai JAttendrai by Carlo Buti, 1938
  • 6 dni temu
  • 03:17

Carlo Buti – Tornerai [J’attendrai] (Rastelli-OLivieri), Columbia 1938 (Italy) NOTE: One of the most beautiful European songs in the 20th Centurey, is sung by Carlo Buti, who belonged to the Golden Top of Italian male pop-singers in the 1930/40s (among such Radio stars as Antonio Rabagliati, Gilberto Masi, Carlo Moreno, Daniele Serra, Vittorio de Sica, Oscar Carboni or Ernesto Bonino). In such a great company, there is also a slideshow of breathtaking Italian Arft Deco posters from that period… Enjoy the beauty of vintage Italian music and...

Pola Negris Mazurka Oskar Joost Tanz Orch., 1935
  • 1 tyg temu
  • 03:27

Oskar Joost Tanz-Orchester – Ich spür in mir (I Feel In Me) English Waltz from Film “Mazurka” (Peter Kreuder) Grammophon 1935 (Germany) NOTE: This is one of the most fascinating compositions of Peter Kreuder – German pianist, dance bandleader and a genius in composing Film music in the 1930s (he also accompanied and wrote songs for Marlene Dietrich and Greta Keller). This song was written especially for Pola Negri – the world megastar of silent cinema and one of the brightest Hollywood legends of the 1920s. She was a Polish chorus girl...

Roaring Twenties: Ray Millers Orch. He, She and Me, 1929
  • 1 tyg temu
  • 03:13

Ray Miller’s Orchestra – He, She and Me, Fox-Trot (Newman – Lombardo), Brunswick 1929 (USA) NOTE: “Ray” (James Raymond) MILLER (b. 1896 in Reading, PENN –d. 1974) American bandleader who was popular during the 1920s. In 1924 his orchestra performed at the White House with Al Jolson, the first jazz band to do so. Ray started his career in 1916 as a singing waiter at the Casino Gardens in Chicago, home of the Original Dixieland Jazz Band. Miller followed the ODJB to New York City, where he formed his own band, the Black and White Melody Boys...

Polish shimmy 1926 Nie namawiaj, bo ulegnę Do Not Persuade Me Or Ill Give In
  • 1 tyg temu
  • 02:47

Beka Orkiestra - Nie namawiaj , bo ulegnę [Do Not Persuade Me, Or I Will Give In] Shimmy z teatru Perskie Oko [from theatre Perskie Oko revue] Bela, 1926 (Polish) NOTE: Perskie Oko was a revue theatre which in the years 1926-1929 was feeding Warsaw with the hottest and most risqué cabaret hits of the Polish Roaring Twenties. It was founded by the cabaret diseuse Zula Pogorzelska & her partner Konrad Tom: two megastars of the Quo Pro Quo theatre, the oldest and most renowned literary cabaret in Warsaw in the 1920s. Two actors simply were...

Adam Aston & Henryk Wars Orch. Mała tancereczka Little Chorus Girl 1932
  • 1 tyg temu
  • 03:38

Adam Aston & Ork. Henryka Warsaw - Mała tancereczka {Little Chorus Girl] Slow-fox z rewiio Listek Figowy teatru Morskie Oko (from Morskie Oko show "The Fig Tree Leaf") 1932 NOTE: One of the most popular crooners in history of Polish song sings with the renowned Warsaw dance orchestra of the 1930s, led by maestro Henryk Wars. Its a nice American tune with POlish text byu Andrzej Włast, telling a sad story about fragile love affairs in the theatrical life of girls from the chorus line and their futile waiting for Mr Wonderful, who will never...

Old Risqué Hit from Poland 1926 Nie namawiaj bo ulegnę, Beka Orkiestra
  • 1 tyg temu
  • 02:49

Beka Orkiestra - Nie namawiaj , bo ulegnę [Do Not Persuade Me, Or I Will Give In] Shimmy z teatru Perskie Oko [from theatre Perskie Oko revue] Bela, 1926 (Polish) NOTE: Perskie Oko was a revue theatre which in the years 1926-1929 was feeding Warsaw with the hottest and most risqué cabaret hits of the Polish Roaring Twenties. It was founded by the cabaret diseuse Zula Pogorzelska & her partner Konrad Tom: two megastars of the Quo Pro Quo theatre, the oldest and most renowned literary cabaret in Warsaw in the 1920s. Two actors simply were...

Swing in London: Spike Hughes & His Negro Orchestra Sweet Sue, Just You 1933
  • 2 tyg temu
  • 03:010

Spike Hughes and His Negro Orchestra – Sweet Sue, Just You, Fox-Trot (Harris, Young), Decca 1933 (recorded in USA; British release) NOTE: Patrick (“Spike”) Cairns HUGHES, b. 1908 in London, England, d. 1987, London, England. The Anglo-Irish jazz musician (a basisit, one of the best in the 1930s), band leader, and composer. One of the most important names in history of British jazz. He arranged for British dance bands of the late 20s, before beginning an excellent series (30 sessions) of jazz records in 1930 to 1933 with his own jazz...

Soviet Jazz: Eddie Rosner, Trumpet 1944 Caravan Ellington
  • 2 tyg temu
  • 03:15

Caravan (D. Ellington) – State Jazz of the Belorussian Republic of the USSR dir. by Eddi ROSNER, trumpet solo: Eddi Rosner, Aprelyevski Zavod (USSR; 1944) NOTE: Ady (Eddi) ROSNER – Polish jazz musician called "The White Louis Armstrong". Born Adolph Rosner in 1910 in Berlin to family of Polish/Jewish immigrants from Cracow. As prodigy child, in age of 6 he was sent to Sterns Conservatory in Berlin, which he left in age of 15 as a violinist with excellent marks. Yet, instead of continuing classical career, he chose playing trumpet with...

London Dance Band 1931: Arthur Lally and the Million Airs Its The Girl
  • 2 tyg temu
  • 03:26

Arthur Lally & the Million-Airs – It’s the Girl, Fox Trot (Baer) with Vocal Refrain, Decca 1931 (UK) NOTE: Arthur LALLY ((born 1901 in Seaforth, Liverpool – d. 1940 in London) British jazz musician (alto saxophone, clarinet), bandleader and arranger. Arthur was born ito a musical family: his father was leader of the army band and brother Jimmy was an arranger. Arthur Lally initially played trombone and cornet, later he switched to the alto saxophone. In early 1920s he played with various dance bands at the Hammersmith Palace and the Ciro’s...

Marlene Dietrich Allein in einer grossen Stadt, 1933
  • 2 tyg temu
  • 04:01

Marlene Dietrich – Allein in einer grossen Stadt (Alone In A Big City), Chanson (Wachsmann – Kolpe) mit Orchesterbegleitung: Peter Kreuder, Polydor 1933 (Austria) NOTE: This record doesn’t have to be introduced, I only believe you‘ll enjoy it the same much as I do. In this recording Marlene’s artistry reaches its peak: she is sad and melancholic as Billie Holiday yet still strong and ready to struggle, like she’s always been. Her phrasing of the emotional moods, her singing which sometimes turns into a meditative recitation reminds of...

Fokstrot Brawo! Bis! 1926 Orkiestra Jana Czarneckiego
  • 2 tyg temu
  • 02:53

Ork. Jana Czarneckiego - Brawo! Bis! Foxtrott z rewii “Brawo! Bis!” teatru „Perskie Oko” (from theatre Perskie Oko revue “Bravo! Bis!”) Muz. J. Petersburski & A. Gold, Pathé, Polish 1926 (acoustic vertical recording) NOTE: I have no idea when and where exactly in Poland the Jan Czarnecki’s dance band was active. There’s not a single trace left in the web of the band’s and the bandleader’s names – they seem to have been completely swallowed and digested by time and oblivion. The record however, contains two very hot and extremely popular...

Polish Tango 1932: Adam Aston Idź, nie wracaj Go! Dont Come Back!
  • 2 tyg temu
  • 03:35

Adam Aston (pseud.: A.Wiński) & Ork. Henryka Golda – Idź, nie wracaj! (Go! Don’t Come Back!) Tango z teatru Morskie Oko (from theatre Morskie Oko revue) Muz. Henryk Wars – Tekst A.Włast, Columbia 1932 (Polish) NOTE: Here’s one more beautiful Polish tango from the 1930s. It is composed by Henryk Wars: king of Polish prewar composers. Born in 1902 in Warsaw as Henryk Warszawski he was brought up in a wealthy Polish/Jewish family. He gained a solid musical education at the Warsaw Conservatory in class of composition and piano, but after the...

Roaring 20s: Foxtrot Hollywood Joe Raymonds Orchestra, 1924
  • 3 tyg temu
  • 03:02

Joe Raymond & His Orchestra – Hollywood, Fox-Trot (A.Stauffer), Victor 1924 (accoustic recording) NOTE: Only 9 records remained after a short-lived West Coast dance orchestra of the early 1920s, led by Joe Raymond. Some believe, it was just a pseudonym of Paul Whiteman. In any case, both the title of this foxtrot and the style of this music fit well to present slideshow from the good old Hollywood of the silent cinema era.

Roaring Twenties: Savoy Havana Band Miss Annabelle Lee, 1927
  • 3 tyg temu
  • 02:46

Savoy Havana Band – Miss Annabelle Lee, Fox-Trot (Clarke-Pollack) with Vocal Refrain, Electrola 1927 (Recorded in London; German pressing) NOTE: Here’s one of the musical icons of the Roaring Twenties performed by one of the best dance orchestras in Europe in this time. In 1927 the Savoy Havana Band was about to finish its contract with Savoy Hotel in London, where it performed since 1921. The Savoy Havana Band main competition named the Savoy Orpheans, who also performed in the Savoy Hotel in London during the 1920s – took the whole...

Old cabaret hit Peruwianka (The Peruvian Girl) - Stanisław Ratold, 1919
  • 3 tyg temu
  • 02:41

Stanisław Ratold-Zadarnowski: Peruwianka [The Peruvian Girl] Two-Step, Muz. Rudolf Nelson, Tekst: S.Ratold-Zadarnowski, Siren-Rekord, Poland c. 1919/20 (acoustical recording) NOTE: This song was composed in 1918 by the renowned German cabaret pianist & composer Rudolf Nelson.The original German title is: Die Peruanerin). One of its earliest recordings is available in You Tube and it’s sung by the cabaret artist from Wien, Stefan Putzi-Plattner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmTSrbYX5_g Polish text was written in 1918 by the cabaret...

Arden-Ohman Dance Orch. - Sometimes Im Happy, Sometimes Im Blue, 1930
  • 3 tyg temu
  • 03:00

Victor Arden, Phil Ohman & Their Dance Orchestra – Sometimes I’m Happy, Sometimes I’m Blue, Fox-Trot from Film “Hit The Deck” (Youmans – Robin, Grey) with Vocal chorus, Brunswick 1930 (recorded in USA; pressed in Germany) NOTE: This fabulous jazz classic is performed in this clip by one of the most popular American dance orchestras, led by two jazz pianists: Victor Arden & Phil Ohman. The tune is accompanied by slideshow of the 1930s’ photographs of some Americans who are happy  and some who are blue … We must remember, the year 1930s...