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Neymar Jr 2017 ⚽ Welcome To PSG ⚽ Ultimate Skills & Goals HD


Data dodatnia:2-8-2017

▶ Neymar Jr 2017 ⚽ Welcome To PSG ⚽ Ultimate Skills
▶ Neymar Jr 2017 ● Welcome to PSG
▶ Neymar Jr vs Real Madrid - 30/07/2017

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Video by: FibraFootballVideos

♫ Music:
1. French Montana - Unforgettable (Audiovista Remix)
2. Wizard x AyePee - Swarve

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Xxanderson Xx2 🇫🇷⚽
Storm Lay What’s the song name
Rian Augusto Like..
Chef N Im gonna miss him so much. He brought so much entertainment to the pitch. Shame he went to a shit league like Ligue 1 that nobody really watches...
kakaw ko Evolution is very difficult in France, and Neymar should be loyal to Fc barcalona, if he begins his football carreer in PSG (if they accepted him from his original little club, as PSG is very arrogant and shit club) he would be like justifying that he is not doped, and he would be in a court justifying his success or lookig into stupid and descriminator journalists instead of playing football... in France where appearence plays all the game a guy like neymar would not have more success than a guy like garith bale
Emmanuel Vicario I hate Neymar for leaving
MaRkElOoF D.T ehhhh neymar why you should go to psg
MaRkElOoF D.T ehhhh neymar why you should go to psg
Footflash Great vid, should be interesting to see how he does
Gosku // e4syyy_ Fuck Neymar stay in Barcelona pls
Omar Hamamra Gaymar/Moneymar/Stupidmar/Divemar/Greadymar/Missmar/Fraudmar/Taxmar we dont need a gready player
Alisone Rivet Neymar have to come to man u
Edpo Couto Whatever, Neymar is one of the best players in the world today, he need space, he need be the boss and barça have Messi, for Neymar is better, have one club with great players to play for him, more money and all space and liberty to play like in Brazil team. Go Neymar, Show all your Talent!
Olajide Oladip I guess I'm a PSG fan now
AlexCompsHD check out my new neymar video!
FootyFilms Amazing video!
MVHcomps ™ Amazing work bro
Juan Lira I would leave to.
MyK I especially enjoyed the last 8 seconds of the video