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Lets Play Surviving Mars Part 8 Medium Dome!

Marbozir »

Data dodatnia:1 tyg temu

Lets Play some Surviving Mars - a sci-fi city building game about colonizing Mars and surviving the process. Choose your space agency, build infrastructure, research new technologies, manage your colonists and keep them alive.

Surviving Mars on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/464920/Surviving_Mars/

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Mud Can you burn the heretic, kill the mutant and purge the unclean in this game?
DeludedOne Surviving Mars....that colonist did not.

No buildings that can inter dead bodies or a graveyard perhaps?
FireIvory +
norm50517 Would be nice if you ignore the patch till you finish the game.
Bluff Catcher What if we already have the tech to do all of this but instead of telling us, they just get expert gamers to play "games" when really its terra-forming mars as we speak. Also legit way to get free workers. Elon you evil genius you.
Anon Viewer Not much of a reaction to that colonist passing away, huh?
Georgy Fomin People dying of old age 40 days after arriving as young/adult/middle aged people. Seems legit.
Jamie Bower Awesome!
NZAnimeManga //hype//