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Great Polish hit of 1929: Don Fernando - sung by Alina Janowska in 1960

Alina Janowska & Zespół Jerzego Abratowskiego (J.Abratowski’s Ensemble) – Don Fernando, Spanish/ Fox z rewii teatru Morskie Oko „1000 pięknych dziewcząt” (from theatre Morskie Oko revue: A Thousand Beautiful Girls, 1929), Muz. Z.Karasiński – Tekst A.Włast, Muza 1960 (Polish)

NOTE: This recording is presented today in memory of Alina Janowska, one of the most beloved Polish comedy actresses of the senior generation, who passed away in Warsaw yesterday, on 13th Now 2017 in age of 94. Born in 1923 in Warsaw to family of Polish gentry, she was carefully brought up in old Polish patriotic tradition. Her mother was a theatre actress, however having married a nobility man she gave up stage. During the 2nd WW Alina Janowska participated in the underground anti-German movement and was arrested and kept in Gestapo prison for 7 months. As 20 y.o. girl she took part as soldier in the Warsaw Uprising in August/October 1944. After war, Janowska completed her education in the acting school and started performing first in Łódź in cabaret Gong and later in a comedy theatre Syrena in Łódź and in Warsaw. She successfully continued her career through several decades thereafter, in various theatres in Warsaw and in many comedy films until a few years before death she was no more able to leave her home (she died of Alzheimer’s disease). She was loved by everyone and also these few recordings of old prewar hits – including “Don Fernando” – which recently I uploaded in this channel, are precious classics of the most stylish performances of Polish cabaret chanson of yesteryear.

“Don Fernando” was presented on stage of revue theatre “Morskie Oko” in Warsaw in January 1929, in the hit-show “A Thousand Beautiful Girls” (“1000 pięknych dziewcząt”), where also several other great hits were released e.g. tango “Złota pantera” (The Golden Panther) performed by Tadeusz Olsza, foxtrot “Salem-Alejkum” sung by Eugeniusz Bodo or the international hiot of a day “I Kiss Your Little Hand, Madame” (Całuję twoja dłolń, Madame). On stage, a chorus of 12 girls danced among several mirrors, which were set under various angles thus making impression, there’s a crowd of dancers there. “Don Fernando” was very popular in Warsaw during the next decade, yet after the 2nd WW it was somewhat forgotten. Its lyrics tell a romance story of Donna Ines, who falls in love with torero during a corrida show, and having given him a sign with her fan, she later awaits him at night in her bedroom to come to her “throught a secret door” while her husband is away from home.
Sergio Abel Reginat Świetne wideo, przyjacielu! Wielkie dzięki za udostępnienie!

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