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I Cursed GOD | Then This Happened !!!

I admit it, I've had some struggles with my faith. One of those times is when I was in county jail awaiting my federal prison sentence. I was a relatively new Christian at the time and the environment I was in was very stressful and tense. This caused me to crack. One day, in frustration, I cursed God! You won't believe what happened next. Watch this video to find out!

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XXXLi Couldnt imagine you doing that
The Christian Voi Great video!
CH4S3R Uk... i think thats wats going on... ive been dealing with depression and extreme anger... im actually having thoughts of suicide... maybe this is why im feeling like this... thanks for the video.. i needed it
Greik Lju Thank you so so so so much for uploading this video. I knew too i got myself into this situation... and wow, I ended up being worse than before being saved. I started cursing, love was gone, compassion for others was gone... all my old habits, nightmares, bad thoughts... all came back. So unhappy... so empty again.
David Poult I have too many testimony to share in a comment. Instead I plan on making videos once I get my laptop fixed.
AV Tell us about your prison time please
zachery moon Did you fight anyone?
Corey Windh I really need this I feel so bad know😨😨😢😢
Carl Celest My god is amazing. He's always protecting me. I may be a sinner but i have no doubt that god loves me. And i love him too.
Siliziwe Bo Tell us more about your experiences, what to do to become even more faithful, and how to remove negative thoughts and negativity from our minds in general bro
O-Edgar Sanch Yes please, tell us more about your experiences in jail and your journey with our Lord
Silence Del waw you and your life experience is great inspsirion for us Greg keep on doing such Lord anointed you to use by
yvette rodrigu Thank you so much I really needed that God bless you
Alex Micha He is a Christian and he isn't perfect.
division j Dynami Explain tattoo on right shoulder.
Treamann M.O I want to hear more of your testimony. Yes, God has helped me so many times in life.
Melon malo Got Damn
taylor gro you're the man thanks for the videos homie

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