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Civilization 5 - Let's Play Vox Populi as Ottoman Empire - Part 19 [Modded Civ 5 Gameplay]

  • 5 dni temu
  • 32:42
  • 51
Welcome back to Civilization 5! We're playing Civ 5 Vox Populi mod as the Ottoman Empire. Vox Populi is a major overhaul mod for Civilization 5, previously known as Community Balance Mod.
Playlist ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHQyGGzRHYIbApDtJtMsgD0znemBsT7Kx

You can find Civilization 5 on Steam at http://store.steampowered.com/app/8930/Sid_Meiers_Civilization_V/

Civ 5 Vox Populi Mod is available on CivFanatics: https://forums.civfanatics.com/forums/community-patch-project.497/

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Endslate music from Epidemic Sound
KrazyHades Remember you can work merchants to help deal with poverty too and now that you've gotten the right tech they also make some other yields including production. You'll probably get more growth and empire yields from being more happy than you lose from working the merchant specialist.
Douglas Gloag Alexander got his open boarders ... for free too!
Piotr Szlosarek you accumulted quite a bit if faith
ZeRedSpy Work those specialist slots, Marbs. You've got so much production and gold going to waste every turn you aren't working them.
Fraccles When china asked for open borders a while ago they were taking your archeology sites
Vickanza I think someone Capitulate Portugal, that why you automatically make peace with her. Because if you are still at war, you will at war with her Master as well.
AlekSensej China is going to win a tourism victory if you do not stop it.
Zak6959 I always crack up when you get after those "slackers".
Jesse Feng Marbs you can buy great writer with faith!
daan mollema (Plus 1 pop in ALL cities and 5 turns of we love the king day)
(Carelessly clicks away)
MP7185 What is morcillization??
JustAMuffinLover daaaamn... those upgrades would literally bankrupt you. for that money you could mass like a deity ai!
TheBleuGaming i am so surprised that after 3 episodes he still hasnt noticed that the coal in agadaika is unimproved
life4nina Wouldn't building Grand temple still be worth it?

2 turns of production to start a new golden age after this one expires? I'd say it's worth it.
superaielman I'll echo another comment and say that yeah, having the golden age makes the Grand Temple worth building. Could also be worth holding onto that when you really need an edge in production- maybe save it for when the World Fair starts? I'm really enjoying this video, glad you're able to play some Civ and enjoy it (Civ 6, kind of a mess even now).
Troy Watley Marbs, I think it would be a good idea to start building some harbors in most of your coastal cities. The production boost may not be that great but every hammer counts! Not to mention the huge bonus you will get in food. Coupled with the added gold from trade routes, increase in unit cap and naval production speed (for your future war with Indonesia), it is an all around good choice for when you don't know what to build. Love your videos!
Damthe Jesus marb just disable auto unit cycle
the Prophet Of the pasta gods Positive happiness?
Marbozir what kind of black magic are you using
Fibriso Darkstar actually, Grand temple is Great in this case, because it starts golden age!
o0alessandro0o Did you ever find out why you ended up at peace with Portugal?
Wilson Gunawan bruh u forgot to use 7k faith. build something would be nice