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Élégie Massenet Aleksander Bandrowski, Polish tenor c. 1905
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  • 02:56

Aleksander Bandrowski, tenor – Elegia (Massenet), Pathé c. 1905 (sung in French) NOTE: Aleksander BANDROWSKI (b. 1860 in Lubaczów near Przemyśl – d. 1913 in Cracow, Poland) – Polish operatic tenor, librettist, actor. Born to a family of Polish official in the Austro-Hungarian empire, he studied law in the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. After studies, he turned towards a stage career as an actor and singer (primarily he used to be billed as “baritone”). He performed in Przemyśl, Łódź, Poznań and Cracow predominantly in the operetta...

The Brooklyn Cake Walk Orchestre & Chant, 1911
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  • 02:38

Von Hamburg nach Kiel (The Brooklyn Cake-Walk) Music: T.W.Thurban – Orchestra with Song, Anker Record, Germany c. 1911 NOTE: I did upload this recording in this channel several years ago, yet my liking of this record is so big that I’m doing it again. This is a rare German recording from before The Great War, presenting a dance-hall overseas novelty which was then the cake-walk (German dance recordings in that time captured almost exclusively the immense variety of marches, polkas or the bawdy vaudeville couplets). The cake-walk was a...

American Tango 1933: Hal Kemp Orch. La Cumparsita
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  • 03:12

Hal Kemp & His Orchestra – La Cumparsita (The Masquerade) Tango (Rodriguez), Brunswick 1933 (USA) NOTE: Hal KEMP (b. 1905 in Marion, Alabama – d. 1940 in Madera, California, USA). Am,erican jazz alto saxophonist & clarinetist, dance bandleader, composer and arranger. As a teen, Kemp played in movie theatres, before forming his first band, The Merry Makers, at high school. Took up alto sax during studies at the University of North Carolina and then played with various campus bands.. In 1924 he formed the Carolina Club Orchestra. The band...

Roaring 20s: Isham Jones Orchestra Ma! Hes Making Eyes At Me, 1921
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  • 03:30

Isham Jones’ Orchestra – Ma! (He’s Making Eyes At Me) Fox-Trot (Clare-Conrad) Brunswick 1921 (USA) NOTE: Isham JONES (b. 1894 in Coalton, Ohio – d. 1956 in Hollywood, California). American composer & dance band leader one of the most successful dance orchestras of the 1920s and early 30s; author of many musical standards, like "It Had To Be You", "Swinging Down the Lane", "On the Alamo", "Thanks for Everything" , "Spain" and "More Than Ever". Besides that, Jones played piano, violin, tenor sax and string bass. Isham Jones was born in...

Earl Burtnett & Biltmore Hotel Orch. Puttin On the Ritz, 1930
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  • 02:31

Earl Burtnett and His Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel Orchestra – Puttin’ On The Ritz (I.Berlin) Fox-Trot from the Motion Picture „Puttin’ On The Ritz” with Vocal Chorus (by Paul Gibbons), Brunswick 1930 (USA) NOTE: Earl Burtnett’s was one of the best dance bands in the West Coast in the late 1920s/30s. American pianist & songwriter Earl Burtnett (b. 1896 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – d. 1936 in Chicago) became known in 1915 when he wrote a popular song „Canadian Capers”. Three years later he joined as pianist the touring band led by Art...

Polish Swing 1941: Henryk Wars Tea Jazz Orch. & Renata Jarosevych Pervyi Znak, 1941
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  • 03:15

Renata Jarosewycz (aka Renata Bogdańska, aka Irena Anders) – Pierwyj znak (At the First Sign) Slow-fox from Polish 1933 movie „A Masked Spy” (Szpieg w masce) (Henryk Wars) with Tea-Jazz Orchestra dir. by Henryk Wars, Aprelevskij Zavod 1942, USSR (Recorded in Soviet Russia, sung in Russian) NOTE: Renata JAROSEWYCZ (aka Renata Bogdańska, aka Irena Anders) Born in 1920 in Bruntál, Czech Republic – d. 2010 in London. Ukrainian singer and stage actress, 2nd wife of Polish general Władysław Anders, who during the 2nd WW was the Chef Commandant of...

Teddy Kline & Cassidys New Rhythmists Mean To Me, 1929
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  • 02:57

Mean To Me, Foxtrot (DeSylva, Brown, Henderson) – Cassidy’s New Rhythmists, Dirigent: Teddy Kline mit englischem Refrain-Duett N. Bartlett u. H. Durrett, Ultraphon 1929 (Germany) ATTENTION: There’s mistake on the German label. “Mean To Me” was composed in 1928 by Fred E. Ahlert with lyrics by Roy Turk. NOTE: In the late 1920s, the American sax- and clarinet player Teddy KLINE worked in Berlin with the German jazz orchestras led by Sam Baskini and Theo Mackeben as well as with the Cassidys New Rhythmists, with whom he made recordings for...

Adam Aston & Henryk Gold Orch. W ramionach twych, 1936
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  • 03:53

Adam Aston & Henryk Gold Orch. - W ramionach twych (In Your Arms) (Muz. Mierzejewski - Sł. Andrzej Włast) Walc ang. z rewii teatru "Hollywood" (English Waltz from the revue in theatre "Hollywood") Syrena-Electro 1936 (Polish) NOTE: These two names: Aston and Henryk Gold speak for thermselves and they need no recommendation. Certainly these two performers were among the top artists who co-created the legend about the phenomenon of excellent pop music in pre-war Poland. Theatre "Hollywood" was actually a cinema-theatre which since 1929...

The Dorsey Brothers Fine and Dandy, 1930
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  • 03:11

The Dorsey Brothers & Their New Dynamiks - Fine And Dandy, Fox-Trot (Kay Swift) with Vocal Refrain, Parlophone 1930 (Recorded in USA; British product) NOTE: Several dfays ago I promised in the forum I will upload something wqith the Dorsey Brothers soon. And here it is - one of my favorite pieces from the beginning of the Swing era. I think its a perfect early swing iconic release: with the immaculate arrangement and orchestration. So I tried to do my best to complete a slideshow which is not inferior to the music.

Harlem Jazz 1929: Wilton Crawley & His Orch. You Oughta See My Gal
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  • 02:28

Wilton Crawley and His Orchestra – You Oughta See My Gal, Victor 1929 (USA) Members of the ensemble: Henry "Red" Allen (tp) unknown (tb), Wilton Crawley (cl) Charlie Holmes (as) Jelly Roll Morton, Luis Russell (p) unknown (bj,g), Pops Foster (b) prob. Sonny Greer (d) NOTE: Wilton CRAWLEY (1900 - 1948 in Maryland, USA) - American jazz clarinetist, entertainer, composer - today largely forgotten. Crawley formed his first band with his reed-playing brother Jimmy when his family moved from Virginia to Philadelphia. During the 1920s he...

The Ipana Troubadours Hang On To Me, 1929
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  • 03:31

Ipana Troubadours (Sam Lanin’s Band) – Hold On To Me, Fox-Trot (Green-Klages) with Vocal Refrain (by Smith Ballew), Columbia 1929 (Recorded in USA; Italian product) NOTE: “Hold On To Me” is a nice musical trifle from the film “Marianne” – a 1929 romantic musical drama about a French farm girl who, despite already having a French fiancé, falls in love with an American soldier during World War I. It is a remake of a silent film that was released earlier in 1929. The film was Marion Davies first released talking movie. Some other nice tunes...

Polish tango 1931: Stefcia Górska & Chór Dana Nasza jest noc Our Is The Night
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  • 03:07

Stefcia Góska & Chór Dana – Nasza jest noc (Our Is The Night) tango from theatre Qui Pro Quo revue „Maj za pasem”(May Is Coming!) Muz. S.Górska, tekst: Oldlen (Julian Tuwim with Orchestra dir. by Iwo Wesby, Parlophon 1931 (Polish) NOTE: Stefania (“Stefcia”) GÓRSKA was a very popular prewar comedienne, dancer and composer, who also sung on stage of various Warsaw cabarets, however – with her weak and somewhat “squeaky” voice she was never a significant singer and only two recordings of her have been catalogued during her prewar career....

Ben Bernie & His Orchestra Mine All Mine, 1927
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  • 02:45

Ben Bernie & His Hotel Roosevelt Orchestra – Mine-All Mine, Fox-Trot (Ruby-Cowan-Stept) with Vocal Duet, Brunswick 1927 (USA) NOTE: Ban BERNIE (born Benjamin Anzelevits 1891 in Bayonne, New Jersey – d. 1943 in Hollywood, CA) - American dance bandleader, composer, jazz violinist and radio celebrity, often called The Old Maestro. At the age of 15, he learned to play the violin, but his interest in it was minimal. However, he returned to music by appearing in vadeuville with Phil Baker in Baker & Bernie dance band, but met with little success...

Coon Sanders Original Nighthawks Flamin Mamie, 1925
  • 21-3-2019
  • 03:03

Coon-Sanders Original Nighthawks – Flamin’ Mamie, Fox-Trot (Fred Rose – Paul Whiteman) Vocal refrain by J.L. Sanders, Victor 1925 (USA) NOTE: This wonderful “hot” Roaring Twenties tune is played by one of the best American dance/ jazz orchestras active in USA during the climax years of the Jazz Age. The founders of The Coon-Sanders Nighthawk Orchestra were Carleton Coon and Joe Sanders. Coon was born in Lexington, Missouri but moved to Kansas City with his family as a young child. Sanders was born in Parsons, Kansas and grew up in Belton,...

Roaring 1920s: Joseph C. Smith Orchestra Its You, 1921
  • 18-3-2019
  • 03:12

Joseph C. Smith and His Orchestra – It’s You, Foxtrot from the musical “Bombo” (Con Conrad), Victor 1921 (USA) NOTE: Joseph Cyrus SMITH - American violinist & dance bandleader (1883-1965) who was into dance band business in New York area ever since he was 16 y.o. In 1914 he founded his own dance orchestra which performed in Plaza Hotel for 9 years. In the mid-late 1920s he traveled widely as leader, including Canada, Europe, and both coasts of the United States. He was also active as a recording artist until 1925 and most of his recorded...

Old Tango 1931: Chór Dana Nie będę płakał I Wont Cry / If My Lover Leaves Me Tonight
  • 16-3-2019
  • 02:59

Chór Dana (The Dan’s Ensemble) & Harmonium – Nie będę płakał (Gdy rzuci mnie w tę noc kochanka) [I Won’t Cry / When My Lover Leaves Me Tonight] Tango z rewii „Złote szaleństwo” teatru Morskie Oko (from the revue The Golden Madness in theatre Morskie Oko) Muz. J.Petersburski – Sł. A. Włast, Odeon 1931 (Polish) NOTE: It’s an excellent combination: the best Polish prewar „men’s choir” (as they used to call the revelers in Poland) and the most famous Polish tango-composer Jerzy Petersburski (author of the international tango-evergreen Oh Donna...

Zarah Leander Le Vent ma dit une Chanson, 1938
  • 16-3-2019
  • 03:04

Zarah Leander & Orch. dir par Georges Derveaux – Le Vent m’a dit une Chanson (The Wind Told Me A Song) [Orig. German title: Der Wind hat mir ein Lied erzählt] du film “La Habanera” (L.Brühne – A.Mauprey), Odéon 1938 (France) NOTE: Zarah Leander (b.1907 as Sara Stina Hedberg in Karlstad, Sweden – d. 1981 in Stockholm) - Swedish singer & film star of the 1930s/40s, who had her hayday in the Thrid Reich as one of the highest paid UFA film stars during the Reichsminister Goebbels days in Berlin. After emigration from the NSDAP-ruled Germany of...

Irène Bordoni & Rube Bloom My Lover, 1929
  • 14-3-2019
  • 02:56

My Lover (Master of |My Heart) Song from a Talkie “Paris” (Ward & Bryan),Piano acc. by Rube Bloom, Columbia 1929 (USA) Irène BORDONI (1885 in Ajaccio, Corsica – 1953 in New York) – French/ American actress & singer best remembered as the star of 1928 Cole Porter’s musical Paris that featured the song "Lets Do It (Lets Fall In Love)" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmwc9artTUM which became Porters first big success (In 1929 Paris was adapted to an early Technicolor talkie, also called Paris with Irène Bordoni again starring in it). Early...

Roaring 20s: Carolina Club Orchestra Am I A Passing Fancy, 1929
  • 10-3-2019
  • 03:010

Carolina Club Orchestra (Hal Kemps Dance Band) - Am I A Passing Fancy? Fox-Trot (Silver-Sherman-Lewis) with Vocal Trio, Odeon 1929 (USA) NOTE: James (aka “Hal”) KEMP (1904-1940) was born in Marion, Alabama. His mother was a poet. Kemp began musical career playing piano in a local theater. When his family moved to Charlotte, N.C., he attended the High School and began playing on the trumpet, clarinet, and saxophone. In the school, he organized his first 5-piece dance band called the Merrymakers. In 1922, Kemp entered the University of...

Jack Payne & His BBC Dance Orch. Dream Star of Araby, 1929
  • 8-3-2019
  • 03:09

Jack Payne & His BBC Dance Orchestra - Dream Star of Araby, Fox Trot (Stanley & Lee), Columbia 1929 (UK) NOTE: For me, Jack Paynes band during its BBC days (late 1920s /beginning of the 1930s) was perhaps the best dance orchestra in Europe. Its so elegant yet strong sound with a prominent brass section and almost jazzy arangements can be competed only by Jack Hyltons. I could listen and listen to his recordings and always find some hiong new and fascinating. I hope youll enjoy it too.