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Kanał: 240252

Roaring 20s: Joe Raymond & His Orch. Dirty Hands! Dirty Face!, 1923
  • 3 dni temu
  • 03:15

Joe Raymond & His Orchestra - Dirty Hands! Dirty Face! Fox-Trot (James V. Monaco) from “Bombo”, Victor 1923 (USA) NOTE: “Bombo” – the musical play in 2 acts was staged in Shubert Theatre in Broadway in Oct 1921, and it had a successful run of 218 performances with the famous actor Al. Jolson playing a black valet Bombo, serving none other than Christopher Columbus. The success of the show caused that it was released again in the Winter Garden in New York, in 1923. The play was set in the 16th century Genoa, Italy, in Cordova in Spain and...

Polish Tango: Chór Juranda The Jurands Revelers Kilka słów A Few Words 1934
  • 4 dni temu
  • 03:15

Chór Juranda [The Jurand’s Revelers] – Kilka słów [A Few Words / A Sign That You’re Thinking Of Me] Tango (Jurand – Jurandot), Odeon 1934 (Polish) NOTE: This is a nice yet completely forgotten Polish tango, composed by Jerzy Jurand – the prewar Polish composer, bandleader and in 1932 founder of the group of revelers called Chór Juranda. The ensemble immediately became so popular, it became serious competition to another such group of singing males: Chór Dana (The Dan’s Revelers), which had been founded in Warsaw in 1929 to became Number...

Roaring 1920s: Paul Whitemans Orch. Some Sunny Day, 1922
  • 4 dni temu
  • 02:58

Paul Whiteman anjd His Orch. - Some Sunny Day, Victor 1922 (USA; acousical recording) NOTE: Heres one more of Paul Whitemans little known early acousticals, which we love so much. Also, this Irvin Berlins tune is somewhat forgotten now. Its "sunny" title provoked me to make a a nice collection of photographs of various social "sunny day delights" of the yesteryear. I hope youll enjoy this clip as much as I did while preparing it.

Roaring 20s: George Gershwin plays Piano: Sweet And Low Down, 1926
  • 6 dni temu
  • 02:46

George Gershwin, Pianoforte Solo - Sweet and Low-Down, from “Tip Toes” (G.Gershwin) Columbia 1926 (British product). NOTE: „Tip Toes” was a Broadway musical farce written and composed by brothers Ira and George Gershwin in 1925. It was staged in Liberty Theatre at West 42 Street, the cast included Queenie Smith, Allen Kearns and young Jeanette MacDonald, yet the show run only 192 performances, to compare with 390 performances of “Lady Be Good” - a musical show by Ira & George Gershwin with Fred and Adele Astaire, which one year earlier in...

Roaring 1920s Berlin: Marek Webers Orch. Benjamin, ich hab nichts anzuziehn! 1928
  • 1 tyg temu
  • 03:14

Marek Weber Salon-Orchester – Benjamin, ich hab’ nichts anzuzieh’n [Benjamin, I Have Nothing To Wear!] Foxtrot (Benes - Beda) mit Refraingesang (Trude Lieske), HMV 1928 (Germany) NOTE: This German cabaret evergreen from the Roaring Twenties is here performed by the best possible couple: Trude Lieske, a popular Berlin cabaret-comedienne of the Weimar years and bandleader Marek Weber – who, however being an ardent enemy of the “barbaric modern dance music” as he called jazz, and in his later years justfully called “The King Of the Vienna...

Jazz Piano: Art Tatum & His Swingsters Body And Soul, 1937
  • 1 tyg temu
  • 03:11

Art TATUM & His Swingsters – Body And Soul (J. Green – Heyman, Sour, Eyton), Decca 1937 (Rec. in LA, Calif., British product) NOTE: “Body And Soul” is one of the most beautiful European songs from the 1930s, which became a great international hit and immortal jazz-standard. Written in UK in 1930 for the “sweetheart of London” – English stage actress Gertrude Lawrence – it immediately traveled across the Atlantic to the US, where it was sung and played by the array of best American performers, including Libby Holman, Ella Fitzgerald,...

Polish Tango 1929: Hanka Ordonówna Jeśli miła ci moja pieszczota If Youre Fond Of My Caresses
  • 1 tyg temu
  • 03:28

Hanka Ordonówna z orkiestrą (with Orchestra) - Jeśli miła ci moja pieszczota [If You Are Fond Of My Caresses] Tango z rewii “M.S.Z. czyli pamiętaj o mnie” teatru Qui pro Quo” (from he revue “Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Remember Me!“ in theatre Qui pro Quo in Warsaw) Muz. H.Hosson – Tekst: H.Ordonówna, Syrena-Electro 1929 (Polish) NOTE: This tango is composed by Polish composer Henryk Hosson (born Henryk Hosiasson) and in February 1929 it was presented on stage of the cabaret Qui pro Quo in Warsaw by Polish diseuse Hanka Ordonówna, who...

Roaring Twenties: The Tennessee Tooters Hot Hot Hottentot, 1925
  • 1 tyg temu
  • 02:29

The Tennessee Tooters – Hot, Hot Hottentot (Fisher), Fox-Trot 1925 (USA) NOTE: The Tennessee Tooters (also billing themselves as The Hottentots and several other monikers) were essentially trombonist Miff Moles Memphis Five with Red Nichols trumpet, Rube Bloom on piano and Benny Kruegers alto saxophone added to the mix. Together as a recording unit for only 21 months (between 1924-26) the Tooters recorded two dozen sides which bridged the gap between Dixieland and Roaring Twenties swing in that short time. Not one of the band members...

Jazz Age: The Benson Orch. Of Chicago Trot Along, 1923
  • 1 tyg temu
  • 03:20

Benson Orchestra of Chicago dir. by Don Bestor – Trot Along, Fox-Trot (Clarence M.Jones), Victor 1923 (USA; acoustical recording) NOTE: Interestingly, Frankie Trumbauer plays clarinet in this recording. Benson Orchestra was his first professional engagement with a dance band after he arrived to Chiicago from St. Louis, where he was born. The Benson Orchestra of Chicago was founded in 1920 by the music manager and cellist Edgar Archibald Benson – who was born in St. Louis, which is perhaps the reasom why the young and unknown saxophonist...

Stefan Witas & Orkiestra Henryka Golda Opjum 1933
  • 2 tyg temu
  • 03:33

Stefan Witas & Ork. pod dyr. Henryka Golda – Opjum, Valse mystérieuse (A.Gold – A Włast) z rewii „Dodatek nadzwyczajny” teatru Morskie Oko [from the revue „Extra Supplement”] Columbia 1933 (Polish) ATTENTIOON! Sorry, I had some problem with uploading this movie - I had to try again and again, finally I succeeded. Im sorry if as result of it some subscribers did have it on line again and again, only to have it gone after a few seconds. I hope itll be OK this time. . NOTE: This English waltz is one of the most haunting compositions by...

Roaring Twenties: Jay Whidden & His Orch. Lets All Go To Marys House, 1926
  • 2 tyg temu
  • 02:49

Jay Whidden and His New Midnight Follies Band, from the Hotel Metropole – Let’s All Go To Mary’s House, Charleston (Con Conrad & Leo Wood) with vocal refrain, Columbia 1926 (UK) NOTE: Jay WHIDDEN was an American-born violinist and bandleader. He led his own band in the 1920s/30s in London, where he recorded extensively for various British labels and performed in several prestigious dance venues in West End, including hotels Carlton and Metropole. Many of his renditions are of considerable interest as dance-jazz or hot dance recordings of...

Roaring 20s: Duke Ellingtons Wonder Orch. Doin The New Low Down, 1928
  • 2 tyg temu
  • 03:15

Duke Ellington’s Wonder Orchestra – Doin’The New Low Down, Fox-Trot (McHugh-Fields) with Vocal Refrain, Parlophone 1928 (Manufactured in France) NOTE: “Doin the New Low Down” (1928) is one of the series of songs Jimmy McHugh (music) and Dorothy Fields (text) wrote in 1927 for the Cotton Club – the New York playground for the rich, located in Lenox Ave /142 Street in Harlem. After writing songs, McHugh and Fields hired producer Lew Leslie to perform them in the Broadway revue “Blackbirds of 1928”. Three weeks before the opening, dancer Bill...

Roaring Twenties: Charleston Turkish Towel Johnny Hamps Kentucky Serenaders, 1926
  • 2 tyg temu
  • 03:07

Johnny Hamp’s Kentucky Serenaders – Turkish Towel, Fox-Trot/ Charleston (Fain-Russell-Mills) with Vocal Chorus, Victor 1926 (USA) NOTE: This almost completely forgotten song is one of those Jazz Age hot dance tunes which were labeled as “fox-trots” while in fact, they are the charlestons. Johnny Hamp’s Kentucky Serenaders were specialized in such sharp dance rhythms of the 1920s, it is enough to recall their memorable "Black Bottom" (1926) which is unmatched in the history of renditions of that classic dance tune and today is considered as...

3rd Reich Music: Ilse Werner & Adolf Steimel Orch. Mein Herz hat heut Premiere, 1942
  • 2 tyg temu
  • 03:05

Mein Herz hat heut’ Premiere (My Heart Has Its Premiere Today) Slow-Foxtrot from Film “Wir machen Musik” (We’re Making the Music) (Igelhoff, Steimel) – Ilse Werner (singing) & Adolf Steimel (Piano) & Ensemble, Odeon 1942 (Germany) NOTE: Ilse WERNER – German film actress and singer, born in 1921 in Batavia (present day Jakarta, Indonesia) to a Dutch merchant and plantation owner and a German mother. Werner was a Dutch citizen by birth; however she had her greatest artistic success in Third Reich, where for some time in the turn of the...

Old Polish tango 1933: Tadeusz Faliszewski Pieśń o matce A Song About My Mother
  • 3 tyg temu
  • 03:35

Tadeusz Faliszewski (aka Jan Pobóg) z Orkiestrą - Pieśń o matce (A Song About My Mother) Tango (Białostocki-Wrzos), Melodja-Electro 1933 (Polish) NOTE: On the 26th of May each year the Mother’s Day is celebrated in Poland. Today, on the day after, I celebrate it in You Tube by presenting an old beautiful Polish tango “Pieśń o matce” (A Song About My Mother) sung by one on the most popular prewar Polish crooners Tadeusz Faliszewski (aka Jan Pobóg). The music is illustrated with the show of vintage photographs of my late mother, Klara (b.1910...

Roaring 20s: Savoy Orpheans Thats My Hap Hap Happiness, 1927
  • 3 tyg temu
  • 02:47

Savoy Orpheans, At the Savoy Hotel in London – That’s My Hap-Hap-Happiness, Fox-Trot (Sherman), HMV 1927 (UK) NOTE: Certainly, the Savoy Orpheans - one of the best European dance orchestras of the great era of British dance bands - does not have to be presented in this place. They were resident at the Savoy Hotel, London, between 1923 and 1927. The band was formed in 1923 by Debroy Somers, an ex-army bandmaster as competition to Savoy Havana Band which was founded at the Savoy Hotel in 1921 by the American saxophonist Bert Ralton (later...

Roaring 1920s: Joe Rines Orchestra Theres Something About A Rose, 1928
  • 3 tyg temu
  • 02:52

Joe Rines & His Orchestra – There’s Something About A Rose (That Reminds Me Of You), Fox-Trot (Kahal-Wheeler-Fein) with Vocal Trio, Brunswick 1928 (USA) NOTE: Joe RINES (Joseph H. Rines, b. 1902 Boston, Massachusetts – d. 1986 in LA, California). American bandleader and songwriter. He began as leader of his own dance band on radio in Boston in 1920, during the Jazz AGE DECADE OF 1920S John Rines also appeared on the NBC Radio Network in New York and became well known on the East Coast as one of the few bandleaders to have an integrated...

Old Russian Tango: Pyotr Leshchenko Anjusza Anikusha, c. 1930
  • 4 tyg temu
  • 03:35

Piotr Leszczenko & tow. orkiestry – Aniusza (Anikusza) Tango (C. Romano) Columbia c. 1930/31 (Polish product) NOTE: Piotr Leszczenko (spelled also Petr Lescenco, Pyotr Leshchenko, Peter Leschenco, Пётр Лещенко) was born in 1904 in a village near city of Kherson in what is today’s Ukraine. yet his career was tied with Russia, therefore he is considered as the Russian tango and the Gypsy romance performer, one of the finest in the 20th century Europe. In his teenage years, Lescenco was singing in a Russian orthodox choir in Ukraine, yet in...

Polish Tango: Adam Wiński & Henryk Gold Orch. 1930 Śpij moje serce Sleep My Poor Heart
  • 19-5-2018
  • 03:36

ADAM Wiński (Adam Aston) & Ork. Henryka Golda – Śpij, moje serce [Sleep, My Poor Heart] Tango z rewii Morskiego Oka „Przebój Warszawy” (from Morskie Oko revue The Hit of Warsaw) (Oskar Stroik – Andrzej Włast) Columbia 1932 (Polish) NOTE: There are many tango lovers – and I belong to that group – who consider this wonderful tango as one of the most beautiful songs composed in the 1930s in Europe. Oskar Strock was a Latvijan composer who wrote quite a few songs which became international hits in the 1930s, including “Sleep, My Poor Heart”...

HOT!!! Bert Ambroses Orch. 1930 Happy Days Are Here Again
  • 17-5-2018
  • 03:07

Berty Ambrose & His Orchestra (At the May Fair Hotel) - Happy Days Are Here Again, Fox-Trot from MGM movie "Chasing Rainbows" (Yellen - Ager) with Vocal Refrain, Decca 1930 (UK) NOTE: One ofthe best British dance orchestras of the Big Band Era in United Kingdom plays one of the greatest hits of the 1930s. The slideshow presents some of the dance vanues from the golden years of the crazy nightlife in the "swinging London" of the 1930s.