Marbozir - Civilization 5 - Let's Play Vox Populi as Ottoman Empire - Part 37 Modded Civ 5 Gameplay]

Welcome back to Civilization 5! We're playing Civ 5 Vox Populi mod as the Ottoman Empire. Vox Populi is a major overhaul mod for Civilization 5, previously known as Community Balance Mod. Playlist ► You can find Civilization 5 on Steam at Civ 5 Vox Populi Mod is available on CivFanatics: Enjoyed the video? Please consider subscribing for more Civilization 5 content as well as other games! You can also find me on: Patreon: Twitter: Discord:...

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Michiel... Marbs, I heavily recommend playing the Dutch on a water map. Playing with their Sea Beggar prize ships is so much fun. You can get so much money by raiding enemy cities, and meleeing cities with boats is more forgiving on the boats' HP in VP. It's a ton of fun.
360KID... THis was neat
Trung L... Marbssss it's 2pm here where's today's episode I gotta find out what happened to Chinaaa
Lord He... The Zero does not need oil to build? Wow, that's pretty good I thought it would require like 5 coal or something ...
R3GARna... You can send a internal trade route from another city to Corinth to reduce its isolation!
Stiflex... Why don't you burn some of the cities? I know eventually they'll be useful to you, but even if someone rebuilds that spot, it cripples the person who you took it from.
Reffie2... "Unhappiness is a problem, let's buy some nukes."
Kacper ... 67 population in Bejing :O
tomaka1... Awww i was expecting some nuclear carnage in this episode :-D
Muminus... According to the ideology screen, you lose only 2 policies when switching ideology. Still it's painful...

TenguAl... Marbozir, China has only 6(or 7) cities. You have tons of nukes.

You can destroy cities you don't need, conquer the rest and eliminate completely China from the game and eliminate ideology pressure.

Save your money for more nukes. Destroying cities is imperative.
Sell excess oil to Morroco. Maybe even get a loan. Buy the luxuries from Portugal(Coral and Brazilwood)

Also if you take Beijin, you get world wonders that will give both happiness and delegates, which you can use for for to make Autocracy the world ideology in the near future.

You can win this game.
Joshua ... you could not trade cities because you had not exchanged embassies
stars n... even if you don't manage to win this game, it's worth it to see your annoying wonder-stealing neighbour be nuked into oblivion. :p
Jesse F... seeing how decolonizing China is so important, perhaps you could have tried to buy some votes?
o0aless... 6:13 Athens, which was nuked like 3 times, has a population of 28. Same as Gaziantep.

Is there a mechanic in VP to quickly rebuild nuked cities? Because a growth of one pop per turn seems slightly excessive.
Heavy D... Nuclear hell next episode Yay o/
IgorDex... For money, sell Oil for flat gold to Morroco. You can also try to sell your war declaration against China to Indonesia or Morroco for flat gold. The goal for the war should be to nuke all chinese cities and capture only Beijing, peacing out ASAP. Them you will have to nuke most Indonesian cities also (sell the war declaration yet again?). The great thing about a war against Indonesia is that you can freaking liberate all the portuguese cities. It will be hard because the AIs are moving so fast for the science victory, but if you can nuke their cities before they make a move, you basically cripple them. There might be a light on the end of the tunnel. Good luck! Nice game.
Yang Ya... I've got two ideas to partially fix the happiness issue.

1. Morocco and Portugal have some extra luxuries for trade. That might help a bit.
2. What tech level is Portugal at? You might be able to sell Corinth to Portugal, and just buy the uranium from her. That is the primary reason you're holding onto it, no?
Deathbo... This video shows something rather funny to me.

Marbs has wanted to conquer China for awhile to slow them down (as it was obvious they would win otherwise). He got sidetracked for 50+ turns from Indonesia's inability to place nukes properly, but Marbs couldn't do shit to Indonesia cause he wasn't at all prepared for the unintentional war. This slowed down Marbs massively with no gain whatsoever.

Now, he can finally nuke the shit out of China. But, in doing so, Indonesia will have absolutely no competition towards a space victory. The act of them misusing a nuke like idiots is actually going to cause them to WIN!

Quite frankly Marbs you should nuke the shit out of Indonesia because those assholes ruined the game for you. China's been a good friend practically the whole game and did nothing wrong but get lucky to not get turbo screwed, and if it comes down to them or Indonesia, China far more deserves the win. They didn't screw you. I mean nuking both is way more fun but who knows if there's enough turns for that.
SupaThe... "China built the Great Firewall"

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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