Grumpy Dog - Husky Puppies Funny Compilation Best of 2017

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Najlepsze komentarze:

Jesus F... I wnat a husky they are very cute
Lily Di... I have two huskies and there SUPER cute ❤❤
Monika ... ich liebe husky's, sie sind die katzen unter den hunden, sowie die löwen die hunde unter den katzen sind, hihi..
Julie Z... Precious ❤️
*Michae... Second one was a Samoyed dog I think that's what u call them.
Marina ... Am no lovi husky?????
Mandy W... i like the one with the sofa with his head sticking out pmsl
shadow ... My husky was howling the howl time
Ericka ... I like wolf dogs but I like the samolledo more and I have one
Juliana... que fofos amei fiquei com vontade de adotar um???
Techlor... 5:14 my husky in a nutshell
Beata P... Kacham husky?
Beata P... I❤ husky
Jessica... Some of these where malamute puppies ❤️ still cute
Rejask... Nice unnecessary music.
Sly 64... Danke für das sooo putzig und zauberhafte Video, echt niedlich die kleinen Racker und Huskys bringen sooo viel Freude in die ??? und ins Heim der Menschen.
The Doc... So cute
Medya K... the only cute dog breed are huskies
Abhinet... super cute huhh
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