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PUMPK1N... ?Click here for this GIVEAWAY!
TheReal... Intro song is way too loud in my opinion..
danzold... :O
EUGENIO... nice video
Oh Trex... Sniper clutches go crazy
Vortex4... Hello, how are you? How did you get that new gorilla helmet?
Svennie... I hate it when kids make a normal play: get out of my game, I'm the best, get shit on and shit. my gosh stop it
eet fuk... 5:35 the first and last time THump will ever make a woman scream
KingRoy... if u sub to me ill sub back I make montages
matthie... Hey great vid, when will the giveaway occur ?

Nino Kl... 5:18 nice
SWAG J... what's the streamers name at 4:30 ?
Rayer... 4:10 i got out the gas one time with 0hp and won
Focuhse... The pumpkin intro sounds even better when your high af :D
gucci b... 1:50 Danny mcbride is that you?
Ryse Cl... There's like fucking 10x as much American stream snipers than there are European.
E walka... I killed the guy at 2:55 earlier today lol
zaya... love the consistent uploads
Anton 1... 5:18 subtitles: Music
8o8... 5:18
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