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Fahad N... 2:50 his game looks so good, how?
Johan J... 5:04 stormen was cheating look how little he moved his hand compared to how much he did after, that is just straight up busted
Brutal ... h1z1 free skin look my channel
League ... Stormen looks like 9 year old with beard ^_^
Aggress... 1:25 The name from the streamer :)Thanks:)
MrPuipp... And again a great vid keep the good work !
GoldKil... Stormen gives me motivation for this game
Sonhado... STORMEN GOD <3
KrakeNN... i have and oddshot how can i give u that?
thepawn... syka blyat idi na xyu

sms... 1:33 dont know if its cos of vid quality but i cant even see the guy
Peti... Man u r the best youtuber, never end it! Love u m8
Diaboli... Do people still think he cheats?
aty2k... 2:40 his game looks so plain and simple dang i love it
Inc Lay... 2:20 shoutout to BigdaddyFlex holding it down!
krejz... 6:10 how he fckin do it?
BOOMekj... Pumpkin, i really loves your videos. Keep it up bro! :)
DeMysti... SWEET
Grime L... I did the eryctriceps car trick like 4 times in one game and the guy was like NICE HACKS YOU TELEPORTED IN THE CAR AND OUT I'm like .....what
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