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Musicco... which shirt is that the american kid guy in the first clip got on ? name please
Nathan... No need to make this video, the best sniper in H1 is Comikazie.
Flix s... How i get some expensive skins ? Lots of guys in the video have the infernal shotgun how i get thit
Chezey... 2:41 How Do you Do that
Brutal ... h1z1 free skin look my channel
zenith... me and my friends were the car explosion lol
Mathes ... how to get those sounds on 2:30 ?
Tenz0... The best sniper is Comikazie no one can beat him with it
Joe Hod... The guy at 2:46 should be dead
Foster ... I don't understand when shitters who play kotk kill a guy standing still and get hyped LOL, you have no skill

TheEpik... How are half of these even oddshors
Kade Fl... 2:22 yo wtf this man is hackin
ReUp... 2:39 it sounds like starwars
PUBG St... I am the best Sniper... Kappa
Timothy... If you want to know look up h1z1 just survive players we are better with sniper's
BR... I ate some noodles in the shower today.
Rayer... Whats so special in the clip at 2.30? Am i missing out on something?
AT0PSY_... Why im not in the video ?

PWNZY... the american flag kid is so annoying and his kills aren't good , kinda basic
iAronn... Everyone is royalty. Lmao
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