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Sennsy... last song at 6m35 ?
Brennan... still waiting for my upload :(
King Pl... 5:20 who else skipped back the video to see if it was their PC? :3
Thom De... Thanks for the upload :) - ThomDez19 / Poolboy69
SPKB... :)
A Rif... Haraw le god
CHAOTIC... guys pls song 2:38
Alex Ur... Who else thinks Nightwalker looks like Tony stark lol
Carlos ... 0:10 how is poolboy69?
PutleR... Do i have to upload a video to youtube and then send it to you? Or can i send the video directly to you?

ereeo... How high is the chance to get in the video ive sended like 3 clips or something did i do something wrong ?
MöseKa... Omg pumpkin youre awesome!
kukly:v... Intro music?
Martin ... 4:31 that guy ruined my game bruh why did u have do to this do me
Mxcking... i think thats the first time ive seen Nightwalker talk! non the less even breath ffs
Nolan Y... Bro I love your video!!!
Nicolas... cheat storment? 6:18 min
Arthur ... Thanks ! :D
conjuri... I wish I could 2 tap someone and be on oddshots but I guess only stormen and them get on for a 2 tap
Lea Wal... Nice video bro !
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