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Jason... Are You copying Pumpkins vids?
Jahmere... at 6:48 im badbish22
Jahmere... no fucking way you killed me that was me
Nik Las... liveserver shotgun still stronger than the weapon at 0:27 :D
Lukas... hey men what is the name of music in 8:15
Tyler l... I ran into the red army
Antoon... nice video
KillSwi... Ss
Serocru... No way you have 900+$ to giveaway, fake.
Luc Vel... Can somone help me with the unicorn mask I want hem sooooooo mutch???

Swolesa... FeelsBad when 80% of the clips are just AR spammers hitting lucky headshots, not much skill involved there
Pascal... wtf man so many clips are normal 2 taps or something pls i am doing this 2 taps every day but there are also some good clips but pls dont put shit clips in the viedeo like when a guy make one normal 2 tap pls what is this so boring
eet fuk... I've killed the player who's clip is @ 0:55 so many fucking times. He's among the top 3 most toxic players I've ever come across in this game.
benjami... Liked
Ben Art... what was happening in first clip ?
Gaasper... best outro song ever!
GrantaZ... 1:01 rawr
GrantaZ... 1:01 rawt
Fuckori... 3:40 Background music ??
Its_Mys... Boiiiiiiiiiii
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