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Hello guys, well its breezy's birthday today and we wanted to make an mep to celebrate it as shes done so much for OGS i hope you like it Breezy and once again Happy Birthday!!!!!!! She's an our amazing co-leader! Thank you for being there with us! We all love you! ♥♥
Hope you guys are enjoying the mep too! We were trying our best! Have a nice day u all! ^-^

Note: Security Check MEP will be out soon, be patient!

(Sorry for MBL on some parts or if there are sth out of sync!)

Intro: Hottiegurlxx/11AlanGonzalez
Part 1: Hinata MSP
Part 2: BL4BL4
Part 3a: Hottiegurlxx
Part 3b: Uriah
Part 4: xBelowZero [GUEST]
Part 5+6: ZeWickedBoy
Part 7: xNothing [GUEST]
Part 8: ZeWickedboy
Part 9: Hottiegurlxx
Part 10: Li-La Larissa
Part 11: xShine [GUEST]
Part 12: xSeriouslyable
Part 13: x Evelina x
Part 14: 11AlanGonzalez
Part 15: Einmaliiqx3
Part 16: MizzyMSP/Hottiegurlxx
Part 17: Hottiegurlxx
Part 18: Whatthehell
Outro: - Keks - [GUEST]

S0NG - Ch!ddy B@NG - M!NG Y0UR M@NNER$
Bday gurl: https://www.youtube.com/taffyandbreezymsp

Thanks for watching!
Happy bday again! ♥


aeyonce... my aunts name is Maureen :)
XoxoJus... amazinG!
Cutiepi... How can someone dislike, this is so freaking good!!!!!! urggg
gl0ness... Don't click Read more

You are a rebel, i like you
k o p i... Why does this studio only have 4k subs? They deserve more than Pewdiepie : 33
Vanelli... Awesome work as always ;)
BrowSla... Happy Birthday Breezy.
Zowella... Wow breezy always got One of the best Bday meps c':
ali xo... <3
passion... Okay, not gonna lie, you guys really got me on this one. I seriously wasn't expecting this. xD Thank you guys so so soooo much. I know I'm kinda late for commenting and saying thank you but when I this was uploaded, I tried my best to avoid it until I thought of a really good way to say thank you xD This is literally me right now http://puu.sh/iPBUb.jpg It's more like there's no one like the awesome OGS members actually. But anyways, thank you so much for the MEP and all the birthday wishes in the comments. I really wish I could say thank you to each and every one of the commenters that wished me a happy birthday but I don't want to spam xD You all did an amazing job on all your parts and as usual, it was a well put-together MEP. Thank you guys (again) love you!! ♥
BluBuxi... if you take song requests Ryn Weaver is good
DieWasc... Happy Birthday Breezy and great video! :) ?
Woozwor... Amazzzing! (I don't think I knew about this collab, I would've taken part if I did xD)
Snonymo... Happy Birthday <3
Zozo MS... Kill me please :(
I feel so bad for not finishing my part ;(
infinit... bABes u guys r fucking amazing
NoName?... Amazing Mep :o♥
louisa... HBD YO
louisa... i hope u read the bottom right on my part
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