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Hello guys! We can finally present you an audition results! This contest was incredible! There were a lot of great editors. So The choosing and judging were very hard. Unfortunately we couldn't choose more than 9 members. Bc the choosing was too hard we choose 4 guests c: (Normally we r choosing about 2)

Who the guest is?
- Guest is an not official member. It's a person who mainly edit replacements for our meps and r sometimes allowed to join some meps. If
we will see that any of guests r working hard on his/her parts or we will see improveness, we will propose to become an official member ;D (This happened to Larissa) So we r giving u a big chance. Don't miss it! ^^

All contest MEPS were amazing! Unfortunately we couldn't also choose an member/guest from each mep. We r so sorry. Like I said before, it was rlly hard to choose! We wanna make OGS a nice, friendly community. New membies and guests r kinda accepted to our family! ;D Sadly some of our old members aren't join our meps anymore. We have a hope that new members will make our studio BETTER! :3

Congratz to all of them!

- MspChris530 (Team MspChris530) {8,5/10}
- Natalia MSP (Team Natalia MSP) {8.3/10}
- ZeWickedBoy (Team Cassandra g) {8/10}
- AmericanArtist (Team x Sugart xo) {7.9/10}
- xShine (Team -kim-) {7.7/10}
- June MSP (Team x Sugart xo) {7.6/10}
- Kyoo x (Team Olusia Rekosz) {7.5/10}
- Freakless (Team Natalia MSP) {7.4/10}
- xNothing (Team xNothing and Olusia Rekosz) {7.2/10}

- Cassandra g (Team Cassandra g) {7/10}
- MaDziaNight (Team Olusia Rekosz) {6.8/10}
- Loulas MSP (Team Olusia Rekosz and Team Natalia MSP) {6.6/10}
- Xemely (Team Natalia MSP) {6.5/10}

We wanna also thank to Breezy! She's an amazing co-leader and editor! She did a lot for us! You r the best! soo... WE DECIDED TO MAKE BREEZY AN OFFICIAL LEADER ;DDDD WELCOME BAE!

Welcome InfinityxHigh! :D
We need to choose new co-leader cuz we - the leader r so busy lately and yeah :(( But don't worry ;D New projects comming soon! :3

ALSO WE R PRESENTING U OUR NEW OFFICIAL INTRO! ;D It's amazing isnt it thooo :D Made by Frosti! Sub her;
Thanks bae xx
Intro download; https://www.sendspace.com/file/c6nocj

Part 1-2 ; Breezy MSP
Part 3 ; Li-La-Larissa MSP
Part 4 ; 11AlanGonzalez (The h0m0 part 8]] )
Part 5; Hottiegurlxx & 11AlanGonzalez
Part 6; Numbr6

Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuO44UYn-dc
Game; MovieStarPlanet (It's obviously xD)

Thanks for watching and WELCOME IN OGS AGAIN!


lori cr... how do you make videos i wanna know so i can start a youtube someday
Kawaiit... Are you from Sweden Cuz zara Larsson is x)
MspStud... OMG SWEDISH SINGER CCCC: hehe..... xD
MspStud... Not bad. Thumbs up :)
Ashleyy... omg the animating o-o ♥ i love it
Taco Ch... being completely honest, i prefered the own intro, but this ones still really good x3 Congratz to who got in! :D
Blue Av... Congrats!^*^
Txarus... Congratulation! ^ ♡♡
Smolbea... I rlly wish i could of been in this auddy i rlly want to be in this studio but i dont how to make meps and auddys are over so total bad luck
but its ok
Bryanna... Congratss. <3
idk ban... Congratulations ;3
Elee Na... Congrats to all <3
Cassand... Im so happy to become guest member, thank you <33 Congrats to everyone!! :D
morning... Congratz everyone!!! And ty OGS for this amazing opportunity Cx
Btw the video was goals.
AnEroti... woah this vid was pretty fucking cool tbh
infinit... i love you guys <3
welcome new members n guests y'all were amazin man! i'm so exited to work with ya guys X
x Nothi... wtf im in i thought I will be still guest o-o
NoName?... I'm not in
ZeWicke... The best Results Video I've seen!
Miuna M... (:
Źródło: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOKCFG72zRHWULaBrVN1FDw