OfficialGoldStudio - OGS✩] DARK STAR ★ HALLOWEEN MEP

-EPILEPSY WARNING- PLEASE SHARE THIS MEP ON YOUR MSP SERVER AND GET IT TO NUMBER ONE , HELP WOULD DEFINITELY BE APPRECIATED.... Hi, and welcome to our first Halloween MEP! All of us were deep downly stressing on this, but it was definitely worth it. This MEP is the definitely best Halloween MEP I've ever seen, and we'd like to thank all members for their hard work, we've truly seen improvements from all of you guys. Also, I'd like to thank the replacements, since there was many of them on this MEP, caused the big amount of parts there was. Those were: Freakiibirdo Bl4Bl4 Kyoo x xJamieBaka Cookie x then the parts here: In: 11AlanGonzalez 01: xJamieBaka 02: ZeWickedBoy 03: x Evelina x 04: CapMSP 05: 11AlanGonzalez...

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-Hm d... yey girls ! yey yeyeyeyyeyeye, i dancingggg
Mackenz... What editor do you use?
Gemmzy... love this and i love ur editing :)
fuck al... <33
x Marsh... 2:38 KEN KANEKI!!!!!
LUKESSE... Maybe you create video with song "He's a monster"?
Creeper... And this, my friends, is how OGS earned a sub from Creeper Queen. Amazing job, guys!
Omqitsa... Am I a bit late ?
Booger ... For the first video I've watched for u tbh I LOVE them SO much c:

preciou... 2:39 OMG kaneki ken
Gacha G... You deserve more subs
W .: XC... oua ta dus travaillé dur sur c'ette musique X0X ! les effet pour les cheveux ses juste stylé
Mikaela... OMG Ken Kaneki and Krul Tepes
Ashley ... 0:39 OMG!!!!! xDDD
V so cu... i in heaven
Coréty... Wow soo cool and amazing animation!
Blue Ms... 0:32 ?
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