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Partner ; Our channel: - Hi guys :3 Finally this mep is done yay ;DD - ★ This MEP was xSugart xo's team MEP [OGS CONTEST] but it turn on a OGS x BG collab :DDD [Thanks Cait♥] We are so glad to present this amazing mep with the awesome final result ♥ - BIG THANKS FOR REPLACERS AT THE LAST MINUTE ; Message from the leaders Ok so guys we are so impressed with this mep, everyone is improving omg and like all the parts are so amazing! i can't wait to see more work from you in the future and thanks so much for organising this Alize we are so thankful and you did such an amazing fucking job! Ahhhh!!! ;u;...

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DaisyEE... 124 dislikes???? wow, they're just jealous
A... why tf does this video have 124 dislikes?? your videos deserve love and love only!
kysbeth... you dont deserve dislikes on anything ;-; only likes and you deserve 1. million subs!! you guys are amazing aff
lol L... J'adore! !
Colette... i love the mep
ali xo... :)
iiBlurr... Ppl thought the dislike button was the "Dis I like" button.
LexiiMS... This song always comes back but its so cute xD
Yutsura... THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL IN LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and wtf with haters :s !!

Lisa Ne... i love the coloring >w<
TREND L... this mep is beyond goals
Amzy Pl... Omg amazing would anyone from this Mep like to join my Mep the song is outside and I would really appreciate it :)
Msp Azi... Very nice (: OMMG 181 DISLIKES XDDDDDD
blvckco... wtf o-o 116 dislikes D:
passion... i must've been living under a rock the whole time since i didn't even know this mep existed wow
the dislikes wow
this mep doesn't deserve that many though :( you can clearly see how hard everyone has worked on their parts.
xMishka... Amazing! !!!:*
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