OfficialGoldStudio - OGS✩] Golden Love ❤ Valentines 2016 MEP

Random Trivia: this song was the first song for OGS, me and gregs chose this song as our first mep back in 2013 but we never uploaded it as an mep :3 ♥ Hello Everyone ♥ Here we are presenting you 2016 Valentines mep :3 Every year we r hosting this kind of mep! and every year it gets better and better! Now I'm so impressed about an outcome! so it turned out so fucking ossom! Everyone did great job and also followed the colorscheme ♥ Now we're gonna thank to all this pepz for making last time replacements ♥ Thank ya so much; Li-La-Larissa Victoria Airotciv - Kim - 11AlanGonzalez Jessi So yeah... Hope you enjoy the mep! ♥ (And wow it was already done and rendered on the 13th XD Thats incredible guys!) It would be amazing if u...

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Itz Kat... i love it so much ? wait btw what song is this? coz I wanted to download ze song 3
Hopeles... old but gold
jjthecu... Can I be one of your videos
xgolden... :')
Itskaix... omg i remeber when this first came out its almost a year i feel old
Ellies ... what editor is this its amazing
jasmine... Do you make this type's of videos for people? because this is JUST SO FABULOUS LIKE SERIOUSLY! soz lol this is so good more then good tbh
Diamond... This made me feel happy since I'm getting bullied currently <3
Niinas ... wie machst du das:(
namjoon... This was played at my graduation ? cri

mango m... This is actually so cute ♥♥
Yutsura... beautiful work like always
Urban T... what song is this?
JaneTub... 1:17 "out tonight -" how the bubble font effect? :o
JustMex... Aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesome ♥
MspCook... editor?
suzhi... Cheesballs you Guys killed me with your Parts! o-o' <33
Simbee... Fonts Pleaasse?
melodra... What editor does she use? Can anyone tell me if you know please? :)
Supreme... Soooo Beautiful <3333
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