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22/01/2017 - 2k
30/06/2017 - 3k
13/07/2017 - 100,000 views!

( thank you all for the support!!!!!)

Hey guys!! So today it’s the birthday of our beloved leader, Greggy! Me and him were originally the founders of OGS and since then OGS has grown so much due to his care and support. Since then Breezy and ella have came along and also helped a great deal. This MEP is yours babe I hope you have a fun day and all your wishes come true :3c.

The idea behind this project is using colourful scenes with light colours but giving a depressing/monotone feel to it, it was kinda hard but most people did follow it, i hope you like this MEP Gregs and u cry because it was fucking stressful and hard to do. Breezy actually done a lot for this MEP, so i wanna thank her, she sent like a million reminders, collected parts, found replacements or done them herself hahaha and even rendered the MEP!! tysm hoe :)
BTW i hope you like the song :3c cus i do, if you don’t, blame ella because it’s all her fault, she chose this song :L!!!!

GREGGY: https://www.youtube.com/user/11AlanGo... / https://www.youtube.com/user/xkagamiyolo

I want to thank the last-minute-replacements, and those were
Ranole: https://www.youtube.com/user/xRJArtistBear25
Noah: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUhacQ73CW7Yd3k1D0Y6aPw
Meg: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU86Cnlj8tZx8v24uhERWVQ
Roman: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG75A2YHTttsjwHVlwtIkgQ

So yeah that’s about it!!! Again happy birthday u slut, We Love you :D

1: xJamieBaka
2: _d0lly
3.1: Victoria Airotciv
3.2: Kyoox
4: Ploczek8
5: xJamieBaka
6: MSPChris530
7.1: xNoah [GUEST]
7.2: BreezyMSP
8: Dorian (misterblink12345)
9: BreezyMSP
10: StayAlivee [GUEST]
11.1: BreezyMSP
11.2: x Evelina x
12: HinataMSP
13: Hottiegurlxx
14: Bby
15: InfinityxHigh
16.1: AmericanArtist
16.2: OlliBl4
17: Natalia MSP
18: x Nothing
19: SimpLeKadd
20.1: SimpLeKadd
20.2: BreezyMSP
21: - Madzia Night -
22: _d0lly
23: xNoah [GUEST]
24: BreezyMSP
25: InfinityxHigh
26: x Nothing
outro: x Nothing

Btw guys its also Lexi’s birthday today (MisCookieMonster1162) she is an ex-OGS member but we still wanna dedicate this MEP to you :D!! Happy Birthday boo..

Song/artist; ask via pm
Programs we used; Sony Vegas, Adobe After Effects



xKagami... Okay so finally I'm able to write long af comment like always tho. So! Honestly guys I'm so amazed with the outcome and in my opinion it's new the best OGS mep ofc 8) (bc its for me jkjk) I really love the theme (Sad stuff rocks) and I'm really happy that it wasnt that hard for u! It's such a great job and congratz to you all. I wanna ofc thank Cait for hosting this MEP, I know its hard for u XD but heeyyy u did it! Now Breezy, thank you too for helping out with OGS u r so helpful, I'm so happy that u are leader! <3 Also I see that u did a lot of for this mep. I really respect your hard work! ily! ♥ Ella - you are best co-leader ever and friend also. I'm really happy that I've met you! and heeyyy baby your parts are amazing as always. I really enjoy your style now! ^^ I love you so much, remember I'm always there for you! ♥ Now rest of members B]
Jakub - You are one of the best ogs members, always so helpful, takes replacements and making ogs more professional. You always rock. About your parts here I'm so speachless, they were totally amazing! Meg - You did too much for me and I'm done with you. I'm really in love with your parts, THANK YOUUU AGAIN DBJFSVBJDFVBSDJ ILY ♥ Vic - oh your part totally slayed tho, I honestly enjoy your style so much. Your editing is incredible! Thank you! Diara - Even if your part is short I've reaaaalllyyyyy liked it! I love edits like this ^^ Os ~ ohhhhh baby one of my fav part, totally in love with it. I can keep replaying it all the time tho! Thank ya 8] Chris - TOTALLY ONE OF THE BEST OGS MEMBER, you r so loyal to us. Your activeness in ogs is incredible, you r joining every mep! your part was totally amazing also! Big thanks for that! Jon - YOU HOE, WHY EVERYTHING U EDIT COMES OUT SO AMAZING. Your skills and flow bjbfesdbfjsdbvjdfvbj you can burn in hell :) bye and thanks xoxoxoxoox StayAlivee - Really big thanks for being guest in that MEP, I've enjoyed ur part so much! ^^ ♥ Eve - why yoooouuu are always so good? god.... Did u do it in sv???? looooool love you xx Amazing part! You are also really loyal member and thank u for that ;) Kasia - HA!! POLISH ALERT i co!! W końcu dostałaś ten part heheh i powiem ci ze jest mega ega mega super duper i wgl, kocham i tęsknię! Uwielbiam twój styl itd. Dziękuję! ♥ Bby - really good part, thank you for joining! :) ♥ Ranole - uh bish stop ur parts were TOTALLY AMAZING AND U BETTER DONT DENY IT! ur style is so unique! Don't change it. Thanks boo!! Olli - you bro always so pro, idk how its even possible kek. I'm so jelly about your skills and u should die :) Thanks, bye! Natalia - oh oh ohhhhh ur part? Really enjoyed it. Big ass thanks for joining :3 Roman - your parts always sooo good and here we are again. Thamk you so much for making again much parts for us, also loyal member ^^ KADD - YOU GO GURL, YOU HAVE SLAYED WHOLE MEP AND IDK HOW UR EDITING IS SRSLY EVEN POSSIBLE, THOSE EFFETCS, ANIMATIONS, IDEAS WOW, AND LOOK U HAVE DONE 19S PART, SOO PROUD OF YOU ♥ Thank you baby! love ya xx Madzia - polish alert again więc oczywiście musiałaś sie zapytać czy ogl xD słuchaj... ja bym nie ogl? no prosze cie XD Poprostu nie byłem w stanie skomentować hihih ale no. XD Twój part jest mega super i dziękuję! :33 Noah - HERE COMES DAT GUEST BOI WHO HAVE MADE AMAZING AF PARTS, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR JOINING! I've really enjoyed ur parts! ♥ SO LETS ASSUME THIS OVERALL! YOU GUYS TOTALLY SLAYED, i'M SO HAPPY I CAN BE DADDY OF THAT AMAZING COMMUNITY AS OGS IS! LOVE MY WHOLE OGS FAMILY! ♥ i'VE NO MORE WORDS! I'm done thats long af. bye
LPS Com... this deserves more likes!!!!
Serena ... I can't believe I just found this video now, ITS SO GOOD
SkyeIs ... I wonder how long do you take to make these like a week?? Meanwhile I try to make an edit in 2 weeks ;-;
JaneGho... This song is way to slow for me so I sped it up and now I kinda like it
ohsophi... This song scares me
x Aesth... Skills
Laura B... omg what editor do you use????
Trying ... These music videos are like the most beautiful videos I've ever seen
cliqxe... i stilll thiink after two years that this is the best mep you've produced!
CR3ATIV... ThIs EdIt ThO oMg
Murder ... Poland XD?
Cedrick... this is hot tho
Cedrick... msp is 2d
Tianna ... My eyes are getting blinded :(
Tianna ... This is making me wanna die more tysm for making me get depression
GoldenT... You never fail to impress me
fuck al... happy bday!!
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