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Hey guys! Here we are again uploading another MEP in the same week (this is really rare). But today instead, we are celebrating the birthday of one of our leaders and founders of OGS, Greggs!! We wanna thank you for helping make OGS the great studio that it is today and without you, OGS would not be the same. So yeah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM ALL OF OGS, WE HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS MEP WE PUT TOGETHER FOR YOU AND THAT YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY :D BIRTHDAY BOII GREGGY / I want to give a HUGEE thank you to the people who took replacement and those were Sommers, blvckcooper, arcticho, and last but not least, x Nothing. x Nothing took a lot of last minute...

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xKagami... Finally found a free while to comment this masterpiece! First of all I wanna thank you so much for making such an amazing present for me this year and choosing my dear britney ♥ sfjsdhgjvfsdbjvgsfbvjfs (Even tho someone spoiled me song before tho, I won't tell who but don't do that ever again pls xx) I was still surspired tho xD One random question to Maureen. When I told you that "I hope my bday mep will be Britney" - was this already hosted or mep wasnt hosted at all or maybe hosted with another song and then changed? HAHAH Cuz I told you it bit late tho. Just wondering! I'm still shook about the outcome and I'm watching this MEP literally everyday. holly shit. Ya'll now want to fuck me i guess. tihihihi

Now I'll tell something about each part. ~ Innmonster aka xBrishy - twoje intro jest wgl super duper i wgl kc, kocham twój styl! Bardzo się cieszę, że jesteśmy przyjacółmi irl. ♥ :) Madzia - Czemu twoje party zawsze są takie dobre? Uwielbiam twój flow, a w tym parcie to już wgl. slay! i ta typografia mmmm mniam. Oskar - anything to write here. XD Claude - oh gooosh you're improving so fast in OGS! I'm happy that we take you in and thaking for being there with us! <3 Roman - wow so many parts bro... Thank you so much! It means a lot my friend! and editing was also so on point! Nxwi & Cooper - your parts were actually also sooo good, I can't even. ♥ Zowella - ok, I've to say it. I thought your the best part was in C'mon mep but here you totally shown me that you can do even better. I'm speachless.... Ranole - Your parts are always so creative and kind of mysterious. I loive them so much! especially the details. slaaaay. arc - oh shit you there again? Don't u feel too comfortable with editing msp bro? Thank you so much for joining and I love your part also xxx (could be more gay) Moonshine - Ok. This was literally one of the best parts for me. Really the ideas, colors, flow and stuff. Everything was just perfect! Marie - holly cows guuurl amazing part! Keep going like this :p fake breezy - fuck you about these animations and creativity. I hate you. I hope you will root in hell :) JON - Holly fucking shit and shit and shit again. like how? I can openly say it was my faviourite part! I love your style so much, I wish I could edit like that cries ily gay friend Sommers and Chris - guys your parts was sososoos good! I enjoyed them so much. You're both styles are just a m a z i n g. * Mowgloi* - ???????? you're part was so FUCKING GOOD ???? and I'm so happy that all og the grills want to fuck me tho. Vicc - fuck you. Tanks from Daddy xoxoxox ;) Mishka - You're part was so dark and I loved it! Also the typo at the beggining was actually so pro! :) Noah - I PREFER THE VERSION FROM UR CHANNEL! TELL ME WHO TOLD YOU TO CHANGE IT AND I'LL JUST HANG EM BALLZ :) I still love it so much! ♥

Okay! as you can see I love all of these parts. Thank you guys so much for being part of my little family! ♥ I love you guys soosososo much! Greeting from Daddy xxooxoxoxo <33333
food lo... it's just like u go there and three and bla bla
food lo... I love u so much and u have the best videos ever ilysm ♡♡ and this is the best video I've seen
OofItsG... I really wanna know what app they used ?
Catheri... Your editing skills are on fleek
Nehir Y... Wow the edit ??
Espress... Not hating but the fact that the lyrics are wrong annoys me
Besides that the video is amazing
Zuzik P... this hard you project! you have talent
Gold Lo... GREEGS
Maximus... So, when are you getting to 1 million subsies?

kitty c... 1:58 my fav part
Sniper ... 0-0
srsly? i just stopped thinking about pornstars -_-
Layox !... ha ha he he ha ha ho lLol
QUEENIE... this. is. the. best. thing. i. have. ever. seen.
Alexpla... Ewwu
flappy ... Where's the rest of army at!?
MGmagic... wow just WOW
Soraya ... My bday is August the 1st o.o
igorex2... Lapki I suby
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