- Jak filmować kamerą VR 360 stopni / How to film 360 vlog part 5

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Pawe? J...Fajny film. O jakim oprogramowaniu mówisz w 1.44? Nie mogę tego znaleźć.
Piotr K...spoko materiał :)
Frédé...Nice. What do you use to stitch the videos?
Ceci Mo...Hi these videos are fantastic - I'd love to invite you to join the private beta test for Metta ( - a new 360 & virtual reality video platform & community dedicated to 360 video creators.

We're pre-launch but if you sign up to join the waiting list on and let me know that you have a 360 camera (there's a place on the signup form where you can let me know) I'll send you a beta invite within the hour together with a personal invite to our Slack community and you'll be able to start uploading your 360 videos on Metta.

P.S. you don't need to add 360 metadata for your 360 videos to play on Metta, but you'll still need to stitch your videos :)

Feel free to ping me on Twitter (@cecimetropolis) if you don't get an invite to the beta within an hour of signing up. Really looking forward to seeing your videos on Metta, keep making those awesome 360 videos!
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