TipImSerious - Hustle Gang ft. Rossi, RaRa & T.I. 40 Acres

DJ MLK "July 4th Soundtrack" (2016)

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sp3tan... Too bad that the Actual July 4th Soundtrack we was supposed to recieve back then, 2015, had an incredible track from TIP called "About Mine" according to my sources and well.. I dont know why he never decided to release that tape. You know which one im talking about, TipImSerious? Also he had 2 instagram videos. One from way before and one right before the 4th of july soundtrack from 2015 was supposed to drop. This one right before the actual release date, it had another verse with a sick flow to it but the video was very simillar to the first one.

Here it is on DJMLK's insta: https://www.instagram.com/p/2cImpYSeJv/?taken-by=djmlk Some of us at KTT have already talked about it and we all believe it just might end up on DBA, Dopeboy Academy. Small chance of ending up on Dime Trap. Either way shit has me depressed because that song was too dope to not be released :(
Karma J... All of them ?
T.i. K... Only here for t.i. ; Release the dime trap pleaseeeee
Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZyFMVqmTfv2s1omj0d1Kjg