T.I. - Stop Playin' Games / Freestyle 2001

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Very rare / Beat: 8ball - "Stop Playin' Games"


Chris B... Ti keep free syste for the in the Atlanta GA
Xzyro t... was this at rap city?
JDot242... "Below the Mason dixon line, Im the best you gon' find!"
JDot242... T.I.P pimpin! young Tip. One of a kind
Xzyro t... 0:36 he Diss shyne?..
wow. and sounds like 2003 T.i style.
sp3tan... Just where the heck are you getting all of this incredible stuff man. This shit is dope af!
Źródło: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZyFMVqmTfv2s1omj0d1Kjg