SanVlogENG - How to: Four Quick & Easy Hairstyles

Hope ypu liked those hairstyles and this kind of tutorial is going to be helpful! Don't forget to tweet me a picture or tag me on instagram if you use one of those hairstyles or just simply add a hashtag #sanvlog to it! Wanted to thank you so so so much for 800 subscribers! It means a lot to me! _______________________________________________ Check out my social networking sites: ☆fanpage: ☆twitter: ☆blog: ☆colorful tumblr: ☆b&w tumblr: ☆instagram: ☆snapchat & vine: sandraurbansky ☆ Make me smile and give me some thumbs up and leave a comment + don't forget to subscribe! Love ya lots x Thanks for watching! Enjoy your stay and have a good day! XO *Just in case, this video isn't sponsored

Najlepsze komentarze:

lattesd... Loved the dutch braid!! Have you ever watched the movie 'before sunrise'? You are literally identical to young Julie Delpy. Beautiful!!
Adela... You're so pretty! :) Subscribed :)
kaVior ... I really like this hair style:D/Neti
Meg Iga... Are you playing the ukelele? I love it :D
My hair is kind of the same length is yours :D
I need to try these!
Ulises ... They all look so good on you! What color nail polish are you wearing, its so pretty!
Just subscribed to your channel, hope you could maybe support back<3
Stella ... I am so jealous of your natural blonde hair!!
Btw LOVED this video, too bad I can't do any of these lmao
great job san <3
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