SanVlogENG - Autumn Lookbook 2015

Let me know in the comments section which outfit is your fave! :)x Thanks to Jonah Baker for letting me use his cover in this video! Jonah's channel: Honey I'm Good // Cotton Eye Joe mashup: Previous video: Previous daily vlog: FANPAGE: TWITTER: BLOG: TUMBLR: INSTAGRAM: PINTEREST: ASK: SNAPCHAT:...

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Pati... I know that you are from Poland and I'm from Poland too. I would like to speak English just like you. :( I watched your story with this language on DDOB channel. You're speaking like native Briton :D
Molly R... so cute! love how well made the video is :) I just bought those shoes in the first outfit! love love love!
Christi... Best look book I've seen, your editing ????❤️
Kaiser ... Very cute video <3
Hannah ... Cuteeeee ugh why can't I pull of cute autumn outfits???
YouTube... You are gorgeous!
Makayla... You are the most adorable person ever on the planet Sandra!!! I love your look books so much <3 xx
Jeulian... great video, it is sooooo fun to watch <3 new subbie here btw, mind checking out my latest video, liking it and subbing back? let’s support each other and be friends <3 xoxo
Weronik... jesteś najbardziej pozytywna osobą jaką widziałam <3 aż zaraźliwe haha
agniesz... Twoje filmiki zawsze mają w sobie tyle twojej pozytywnej energii ? piękne stylizacje i oczywiście świetny klimat filmiku ❤️

Kasia S... I love the branch scene haha :)
LucyAnd... This was the CUTEST lookbook I have ever seen! Love it so much! :)
Zuzanna... Wow, amazing video and outfits! And I can't wait for video with Ryan ♥
Emilyn... I LOVE THIS VID SAN you're gorgeous as always <3
also that third outfit was bomb!!
Katy Su... This is absolutely fantastic! I know you worked so so hard on this and it looks incredible :) Lovely video, San xx Honestly your videos are some of my favorites I've ever watched and ones like these are exactly why, amazing job ?
BINKY... woweeee I loved the way you filmed/edited this!
Fabulou... This is one of my favourite videos of yours, it's so well made! I'm loving watching your channel grow, very proud of you :) xx
Aleksan... omg, the second outfit <3 btw, subscribed!
KoralIn... So cool outfits ! And you are so pretty !
carmenj... you are beautiful! love your style ??
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