SanVlogENG - Little Chat With Ryan Keen

Hello everybody, please read this before watching my little interview. I just wanted to say that it was an amazing experience and I still don't get the fact that I actually had an opportunity to talk to Ryan, so THANK YOU to everyone for that. Anyways, not everything went as good as I hoped. I got super anxious before the interview and that's why I began to talk way more quiet and laugh so weirdly. I'm so sorry for that, I really do feel super bad about it :( This is how i do behave when I'm feeling a bit stressed and panicky, but despite this fact i think everything went all so well (besides the person who began to vacum the whole place while we were filming). Secondly I had such a bad hair day! But guess I can live with that. Thank you...

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ItsJust... Do you know what I think? Of Course don't apologise for being anxcious it's not your choice to get anxious, but personally I think that you should sit not stand it would be a lot more chilled not that eeemm formal(?) :) and a bit closer to the camera. But nevertheless you did amazing job and I'm really proud of you ☺️
Katy Su... No need to apologize for anything you were great!! I think anyone would get a little bit anxious in that position but you were fantastic! Such a lovely opportunity I'm so happy and proud of you xx He seems very lovely and sweet!
Jacob N... Yaaas
Zuzanna... Ryan's awesome .
Makayla... Sandra don't feel bad or apologizing for being human and getting a little nervous!! I'm so proud of you for doing this, girl I would be so panicky/anxious too!! But I'm proud of you for putting yourself out there and gaining this experience, someday you'll be able to look back and realize how far you've come! I really enjoyed this interview :)
Aleksan... I have no clue who`s that, but he looks great xD
Care Ja... I'm so happy for you, he seems like such a nice, lovely guy! Well done San, you did a very good job! ♥
Molly P... this was really good you shouldn't have to apologise for anything. this is a midweek video so i didn't know about it! love you and your videos xxxx
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