DAILY VLOG: Loving Life In Brighton

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Thank you so much for being here with me, I really appreciate your support and the huge amount of positivity that you guys bring to my life! Don't forget to spread happiness and be true to who you are deep inside ❤ *sending internet hugzzz* love ya xxx


Kamilaa... san w tej szmince przypominasz mi zoelle
Olivia ... I live in Brighton and it's so wet I hope you get go there again xx
Aleksan... How old r u? :)
georgia... Your honestly stunning ? Love your videos ?
Emma Vi... I love this vlog oh my goodness. You are one of my favourite people to watch at the moment, you're so cute and genuine and lovely. I hope you do get to move to Brighton, you looked so happy there! If you move to Brighton we will also be living in the same country :) I need to visit Brighton, it just looks so amazing and I feel like it would help me feel happy too. The Paris attacks were awful and I feel the exact same as you. It's just awful, I don't know how people can do such devastating things like that. It just makes me so anxious and I'm already anxious most of the time anyway. Sorry for the long comment omg, just wanted to let you know how much I loved this vlog and adore you! :) xx
Katy Su... I loved this vlog so much!! It looks so amazing there I wish I could go! I will 100% be visiting you in Brighton as many times as possible when you're there ? It's so wonderful how you feel when you're there, I'm hoping I will finally get that same feeling when I go to visit someday :)x
Molly P... I thought you weren't uploading today because I kept refreshing my page at 5 for your new video but it didn't come and it made me very sad! Then I saw your tweet saying you were uploading it later and it made me feel much better! Loved this video like I always enjoy your videos! The girl you met is so lucky I want to meet you!
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