SanVlogENG - Homey Chats & A Bowl Of Happiness | Vlogmas • Part 2

HO HO HO! Hello everybody! Welcome to my little vlogmas series! I bet is not as exciting as Zoe's or Tanya's but due to being a senior year student my life is not oh-so-interesting! Anyways quite a lot of you asked me for it so off you go (not gonna lie I'm very excited about this as well!)! VLOGMAS PART TWO! HOPE YOU'LL ENJOY IT MY LITTLE SANBEAMS ❤️ Vlogmas part 1: Previous video: Previous daily vlog: FANPAGE: TWITTER: BLOG: TUMBLR: INSTAGRAM:...

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Victori... Jestem zafascynowana twoim angielskim ? w przyszlym roku wybieram sie na studia do Londynu i oddałambym wszystko,żeby mieć choć w małym stopniu taki akcent jak ty ?
Jaret +... I love this so much!!!❤️
Milena... Cudowny akcent ;) Naprawdę miło się ciebie ogląda
Jul Zuz... I think most people don´t do such exciting things right now as Zoe for example, we just go to work / school, get up when it´s dark, come home when it´s dark, we´re tired so we just lie on the couch and watch tv... so don´t feel like your vlogs need to be full of exciting activities, you´re actually showing a normal life as we know it :-)
I like your videos! Good luck with your tests and exams!
Makayla... You always look good in everything you wear! I love the red on you and your red nail polish! Good luck with all your tests in school coming up :)
Jess Lo... This vlog was so cute and relaxing ?
Crea... aww u and ur sister are just sibling goals!!! ur so sweet and full of happiness,love watching ur videos xxx
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