SanVlogENG - have yourself a merry little christmas

Hello, I have a bit different video for you this time, within different upload time. A lot of differences, I know. But I'll explain it at some point, probably next week. Coming back to the Christmas topic - I wanted to wish you all the best, to enjoy those free days, to spend them with the ones you love and to fall in love with Christmas a little more this year. Lots of love, San xx ____________________ Previous video: Previous daily vlog: Vlogmas part 1: Vlogmas part 2: FANPAGE: TWITTER:...

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Meg Lov... This is lovely! ? I hope you have a fab Christmas too ??
Milena... Cudownie :)
Aleksan... merry christmas! :-)
Hannah ... I've been loving your videos recently! I hope you and your family have a great Christmas! X?
Makayla... Your videos like this are always my favorite! They're just so sweet and personal and emotion-packed. Merry, merry Christmas darling!! I hope you have the best holiday season <3
Jul Zuz... That's beautiful! Merry Christmas to you too! ???????
?widerk... Wow! Amazing video! Merry Xmas! :D
Sarahvl... Merry Christmas!! :)
Zuzanna... Amazing editing . merry christmas to you too!
Crea... The lights look so so cosy and pretty!! Super excited for Christmas! Hope u have a wonderful Christmas @SanVlog , lots of hugs, Crea xxxx??????

Molly P... This video was beautifully put together, I enjoyed it a lot. I hope you have a magical Christmas San ????✨?❤️
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