have yourself a merry little christmas

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Hello, I have a bit different video for you this time, within different upload time. A lot of differences, I know. But I'll explain it at some point, probably next week.

Coming back to the Christmas topic - I wanted to wish you all the best, to enjoy those free days, to spend them with the ones you love and to fall in love with Christmas a little more this year.
Lots of love,
San xx

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Thank you so much for being here with me, I really appreciate your support and the huge amount of positivity that you guys bring to my life! Don't forget to spread happiness and be true to who you are deep inside ❤ *sending internet hugzzz* love ya xxx

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Meg Lov...This is lovely! ? I hope you have a fab Christmas too ??
Milena...Cudownie :)
Aleksan...merry christmas! :-)
Hannah ...I've been loving your videos recently! I hope you and your family have a great Christmas! X?
Makayla...Your videos like this are always my favorite! They're just so sweet and personal and emotion-packed. Merry, merry Christmas darling!! I hope you have the best holiday season <3
Jul Zuz...That's beautiful! Merry Christmas to you too! ???????
?widerk...Wow! Amazing video! Merry Xmas! :D
Sarahvl...Merry Christmas!! :)
Zuzanna...Amazing editing . merry christmas to you too!
Crea...The lights look so so cosy and pretty!! Super excited for Christmas! Hope u have a wonderful Christmas @SanVlog , lots of hugs, Crea xxxx??????

Molly P...This video was beautifully put together, I enjoyed it a lot. I hope you have a magical Christmas San ????✨?❤️
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