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Not gonna lie, I am so freaking excited about this project, guess you have probably already noticed that! Got nothing more to add, said absolutely everything that I wanted to. Let me know what do you think about it! Toodles, S x FANPAGE: TWITTER: BLOG: TUMBLR: INSTAGRAM: PINTEREST: ASK: SNAPCHAT: sandraurbansky SPOTIFY: Send me an e-mail! [email protected] Buisness Enquiries: [email protected] Thank you so much for being here...

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Klaudia... wow ten akcent :3
Cupcake... Zazdroszczę takiego Angielskiego <3
aleksav... WYGRAŁAŚ!!!! jestem taka dumna ;__; <3
Twins l... NAJLEPSZA!<3
pozdrawiamy xx
Katy Su... I love this video so much. Finding passions and pursuing them are such an important thing and it's so lovely to see when someone is extremely passionate about what they are doing :) Honestly can't think of a better feeling than following a passion!
Makayla... It is so true how someone lights up when talking about something they're passionate about - you can so clearly see it radiating off of their skin it's so magical! You are definitely passionate about talking about passion :)
Julia S... Uwielbiam cię słuchać! ? Cudowny filmik San ❤
Emma Vi... This is such a beautiful video X
Stella ... "I don't even know how to say that" this is literally what describes a passion in the best way, when you love something so much that you just cannot put it into words, because there are no words that can properly describe the feeling of when you're doing that something :)
Jul Zuz... Great idea! Can't wait!

Salted ... I wish I had a hobby, something whaat I really love, but I don`t feel that I`m good at anything ;c
v Framl... Slicznie wygladasz w tym filmik, rowniez obraz jest cudnie rozmazany. Zdecydowanie na tak!
Nie za bardzo wiem w jakim jezyku mam komentowac twoje filmiki, dlatego tym razem poszlam na latwizne odpowiedzialam po polsku. Jezeli wolisz po angielsku, pisz smialo :D
Lewicga... Cudowny film San!
Szczerze mówiąc...wzruszyłam się gdy to oglądałam, w zasadzie to sama nie wiem czemu, w jakimś stopniu do mnie przemówiłaś i dałaś mi do zrozumienia że nie powinnam rezygnować z tego co kocham
Dziękuję Ci za ten filmik ♥
Przemek... Hello San. I'm passionate about films (series, movies) and photography. I love analyzing movies when it comes to every element that makes them what they are. I need to admit that I realy enjoy watching your vlogs. Good topics and overall channel quality. Keep it up :)
Molly P... I love this video so much. The way you describe someone when they are passionate about something was beautiful. I love acting more than anything and I get lost in the moment when I am someone else. I'm not me anymore, all the things I worry about and all my thoughts aren't mine anymore because I need to think and feel like the character would.
I would love to take part in your Passions Project, I am a bit confused about what you would like people to do but I am willing to help in anyway possible ?
Marta S... chyba jeden z moich ulubionych filmików! totalnie sie zgadzam z tym co mówiłaś! kawał dobrej roboty kochana ??
Amelia ... Wyślij zdjęcie na snapa
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