Miqu Beats - Touching Poetic Rap Instrumental Nightmares #NEW

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Najlepsze komentarze:

El Negr... filthy frank was right about the rap comments
asheene... Can i use this
Lord Oa... Lord Miqu - The God Of Instrumentals. Too Much Respect Brou.
Aidan S... ive been posting my song in the comment section to all the beats that i rap it to or i think it goes well with, Thank you for putting these  beats up they are really perfect for the way i write!
Brian I... Fucking sick ass beat bro, love it. Keep it up
David M... Nice beat
wesley ... This beat is sick AF dude, for real
Solo Do... Can I use this for a non-profit rap?
Serg Ba... Can i use this for my rap that i am writing? and if its the way i want my song to be, may i publish it under my name? or should i mention that this beat is yours?
Dominic... Yoooo imma use this man!!
Cris Me... @Miqu your beats are the dopest on youtube NO LIE! Theyre perfect for my lyrics bro thnk you so much
KaYDuB... do your beats cost money to use for non profit use?
Christi... Dope a'f
MuckCit... This beat is tough. Nice work.
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