Gangsta Rap Instrumental - Chasin' #NEW

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Jemel G... Great beat bro, I love your work!
curon b... GET OUT DA WAY!!!!
ImExcel... Just a young kid started out at 10 stealing from the store not knowing it was wrong it was only the beginning of a long road for little jimmy little did he know it would lead him to jail or maybe worse about 14 rolled around when he hit his first lick he got a big kick out of it once he got passed all the bullshit it's like a demon bit him took a piece of his soul just to get him to do it at 15 he committed his first murder, he had now been soled to the streets living in a world full of concrete ....... Btw this is not a true story just a rap I got into lmao I'm white
Joe Smi... Fire track bro..... whats next
jamie m... why dont you do that instumental of your remix 2pac - holla if ya hear me remix ?
ricardo... Subscribed
d a can... for download?? :D:D:D:D
IllMind... What's your email fam, I'd like to talk to you about this beat. - Pyro
WhiteDo... Good Job! Keep it Up tho
Babak B... Dope shit! amazing beat right there, I salut you my nigga