Sad Deep Rap Instrumental - Until Death Do Us Part #NEW

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Omar Se... Can i use this awesome beat for a Song?
Grizzly... This is Fire. Checkout my page when you can
Dawn Th... its been a lonely past few years, i shed tears, turned the lights off and kept on facing all my fears, my peers would peer but stay clear, its like a fire dont go near, im not a stranger to these streets and so i know that death is almost here. so hear me, i just want you to feel me, i see it clearly, a lost soul seeking its freedom. i dont believe them, and they say im deraged, its strange because i know they aint shit unless they change. A new age dawning, i can see it sunday mornings with a beautiful darling, the suns calling, visions i see it often but im wrong to believe that it isnt deciet cus i know that human greed can breed hateful words that speak.
King Me... Ricky by The Game
LaVar B... Me and my sons enjoyed this beat

-LaVar Ball
Danny B... may i use beat for non profit rap song
Anthon ... Hey can I use your best if I'm not selling it I just want to do some songs for fun
Gerson ... ber oir y cayar mision x primero y unico solo firme asta el fin GERSON 6101992 PLAKA REGISTRO SOLDADO .
Trent D... May I please use this? I would really appreciate it!
Cabron ... can I make a song with this beat and download here in youtube or it cant be possible? im spanish and i dont know if you understand me, thanks

Abbas S... used this beat for non profit rap hope thats fine i gave you props please check it out you wont be disappointed ?
Paul Da... I want to become a better person
So I can feel growth so I shed the curtains
and let the sunshine beam on my hurtin
I was not born to be stepped on like someone's doormat,
I got goals and dreams that I yell to my self at night
"Where yall at?" Cause I feel stuck here but I know this path isn't my home
but for now I walk alone and all I see are dead trees everywhere but I remain calm
because I got dirt & fresh seeds in the presence of my palm.
I will carry them for a long time , I will walk this path until the destination is mine
I don't care if my body breaks down and I missed my time I will not give up my light
to night I will see to it that my eyes witness my future rise.
If I can't find water to grow these seeds I will use my own sweat even if it kills me
my destiny is tilting, my vision never hindering but I swear to you
This is the only thing that I have lined up in my aim, and this I will never replace
Lil Rai... Got the beat without the "RIIICKKKYYY" lma
Lil Eem... Boyz N The Hood <3
Aaron M... Very haunting
Candles lit, it's starting
The revolution breaking rules to the
No soloution
Violence no peace
No justice no relief
Just broken bones and shatter teeth
Misspelled the bible burned it smoking keef
THE LAS... life isint the same whih out your loved one
Alexand... The picture is a screenshot from a trailer for Darksiders 2. I think the trailer was called "Know Death".
Stiff n... I sit on the floor doors closed desk at the eye level of the flatlined horizon, Angel of dust tempts me to me meet the Angel of death hades, losing my mind inspiring to become the fault line cracked in the earth I'm faded like shady. My principle Brady, pretty loose knit, but never had a crew that was a close fit. Minds in a tip I hit a blip and been nipped at, struggled to not trip like my souls saying what's that, maliciously vicious crowds bounding me to a tree drugs I say has loosened my own stability. Now I say to thee, fee fi fo dumb my arms become numb to the bum that I'm shooting with a key to life is who you choose to spend it with, time is precious and been told short but stretch the length onto a long thought, you'll expand into another level while the devil crawls in and gives your head a little Dremel, a dead windmill rotting away your brain, better drink that octane again, set yourself to flames today whisper the names that you prayed in vain, goodnight layaway.
Justin ... I wanna buy this beat