Miqu Beats - Sad Rap Instrumental Pain In My Heart #NEW

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lil str... Hey bro love ur beat would it be alright with u if i use ur beat
Spainis... All I can think of by by day poetry
poet it every one says, well loetry
i know, all like ya sure, positive
never enough though so i live
truly the best, and never get lost
you gone cost the motto but it's good cost
but never buts, right? tight, right|
but the plight was so both light and unlight..
true playa but mysterious playa
never gonna be a glamorous playa
hope is still there so should i get rid of it?
what if i need it? just to breathe but it's the unfit
never fully got the place to go to
but it's helpful fellas, you can too clue
secretly I never thought how gorgeous the life could be
but you know Gs, that would be .
izzy iz... he wassup bro.. can I use this beat?
Marshy ... Young man wit shit to prove, boy I ain't got shit to do 'cept rapping and napping and getting up on my grind. I can't just sit around and let myself fall behind, I can't stop obsessing about what's wrong with my mind, I try everyday to get myself to the point when I finally shine. Think about, reminisce, if I can't catch up with it, my rap'll consist of bullshit, but honestly I only spit the truth, I will be the kid they talk about, but the one person they walk without, with no shape of a doubt, I swear that my mind can't stop going on the wrong route. Cuz my mind's crazy, it's pouncing, it's pouncing straight crazy, then I think"man, what the fuck is wrong witchu, I can't even sing a song witchu" then I think"I'm talking to myself, can't even get through myself to become the wholly true "myself" I envy and I rue myself, I just need to glue myself, to the shit that i won't lose,.... Myself

Fuck it I'm done...

I'll touch this up, but for now it's what I got
ELiTa-O... download link in HQ?
ty weig... can i buy thus beat for my song
Paul Da... I'll take your rock bottom, give me the dark spaces I swear I will plant a seed and roots will make through these cavings, cause I don't care where I'm placed I will make it. Toss me the seeds because I will take it and watch these roots grow out of a dark placing where I swear to yall I will grow a flower out of these cracks from this concrete that is aching for paving but you will see a flower bloom and know it was I who did it as my name echo's through the ages.
izzy ys... aye may i use this beat n ill give full credit to u for the beat
Bruce L... Just wanted to say I love all of your beats... keep it up!
???? ?... Like it?❤
SwingCa... so do you make these beats? like all yourself? I'm looking to find beats I can use for some stuff I want to write soon. I would make my own beat but I don't know how to, any chance I could ever use your beats and give you credit and or money I ever get could go to you? like I'm desperate man lol I love to rap and I love hip hop and freestyling and writing its a big passion like many others out there. and your stuff is just too sick
Retr0 C... could use the beat.
AlfredX... Yo man miqu hmu when u get a chance let's hook up shoot me a message on fb Alfred king Bradley
Irishpu... miqu too raw
K.i.d.z... Yo add me on Facebook [mahzayah knockout Anderson] I need ur help with something
KidCori... how'd u get the sound waves in your video
Vargha ... Hey man i really love this beat, and im definitely a fan now. I can really connect with this beat. Do you mind if i use it for a song that im working on? its non profit and i will give you credit for it
Earl No... I hope you got your shit protected dude
Trebla... so talented, I created a non profit song over heartless just havent finished it yet
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