Miqu Beats - Hard Emotional Rap Instrumental Life Misery #NEW

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Nozzy-E... God damn Miqu, this is sick!!!! wow!
King Ow... KO - Real Rap Game

each verse it gets worst with these absurd words
and rhymes I've conjured
the pain I've endured
your injured 6 feet beneath to dirt
I call that murder
your the third person I've slaughtered today
more than you have in a decade
so get hit with the weight of this spade in the face
then taste my blade
you don't get paid or laid
probably cause your gay
get murdered like Mcvay I'm a renegade on a rage who dedicates hate
taking back his plate in first place
don't make me take a shank
and put it through your face
then bashed with a vase then hit with the base exposed and then traced
my grade in rapping is an ace c'mon pick up the pace
don't make me grab the mace it isn't a race but your shoes aren't laced
so you can't escape or run away from this chase
get stripped from your head to waist now my rapping that inflicts pain better be embracedd I'm insane out an asylum and I can't refrain from bashing your brains until blood drains dead bodies in rain has I became inhumane enraged with flames never say my name unless you wanna play games with me cuttin out your veins and throwing you off planes running you over with trains that fake shit you claim gets flamed faster than I came now who's to blame but your to plain I can't slain stay outta my lane or I'll choke you with lil Wayne's chain
and body slam drake I'm the main
rapper who's not in the game
everybody but me is lame
no one can compare it wouldn't be the same I'm putting all you faggots to shame
I can't be tamed not even with money or fame
and that's it, that's all I'm fucking saying
Stiff n... Ace the pace you're walking at, mail the head back to dead I'm sailing that, high seas I'm captain, your lungs will collapse in, Anonymous tapping in, to the government, controlling the ark of the covenant, no halos on their head already they're dead sold their soul to the devil, boiling up the kettle waiting for you beneath, buried 6ft deep, hung alive won't be able to breath, read the book it'll help you so, writings on the wall then go kill a foe, plant those beans jack and Jill those trees climbing to the kingdom come, who's will is to be done, not mine, I'm on a line, the fairy is speaking I'm running outa time, gotta bribe Thanatos, grim reapers coming too close, to me, counting the clock I'm dying on the watch till it hits noon, all gloom and doom, I'm sick of these goons, prune my hair ready to face he chair, I'm out Thor is sending me to the underworld got too many souls to count, how many I'm worth, Satan has lost count, lay to sleep, pray for me, I say to thee, over and out.
B. Tott... Can I use this to drop some lyrics on it?
DoubleA... Nice beat man, gonna make a song in the next month with this beat, giving you credits, obv all non-profit.
sir wee... Freaking love this beat...got stoked when i found it again searching for this beat...thought i lost it! Anyways, clean ass beat all day...would love to hear this in the studio with a fatty and just post son. Peace yall and happy new yr. One.
r14v8... Is there any chance to download this with high quality? i would rly like to hear this when I am painting...
King KI... U got mad skills bro. Point blank. Perfectly balanced in my opinion.
riwind ... is there any way i could contact you? inbox me plz
randomp... Sounds like a beat immortal technique would use.
Granda3... That's sweet... I think maybe play with the snare... maybe
Hamoud ... man yo pretty good at this keep it up
BlockAK... Killa
BlackDi... Dope strings man, good job!
III lll... Niiice:)
???Kizu... download ???
NDKnead... You should put some lyrics on this man cause' this is beautiful ;)
ESB - E... you should remix Last Ones Left with this one bro
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