Miqu Beats - Dignified Trumpet Rap Instrumental Failed #NEW

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Najlepsze komentarze:

Young B... The instrumental does not go with the picture ??
Richard... Can i use this beat?
CocaKol... Music is dope as hell keep up the good work dude?
Bryant ... do you mind if i use this beat ?
Bethea ... Nice....
Fyresto... I put on my suit of armor. And then I charge into battle. War song playin. I'm chargin. So you could say that i'm back in the saddle. Follow my words as truth, and i'll offer you protection. Proof that you can come back from the dead, this is a resurrection. Tired of these fuckin haters. It's time to teach them a lesson. KIllin these fake ass rappers and haters is my sick obsession. As i advance forward their legs and lips start to quiver. Shove my sword through their back, with these words that I deliver.I cannot be afraid in the face of uncertainty. Cause i'm the man, and there ain't no way in hell that anyone is burnin me. They're driven back and headed for the hills, they're second guessin. I raise my arms in victory, it's time for celebration. Freedom and long lives are something we should be guaranteed as a nation. I was born to be a savior. Would be put in jail for life, but turns out killing wack rappers counts as good behavior. Fought hard now the playin my anthem. Everybody follows my word, cause bad rappers and hates. maaan we just can't stand em. 
outlawz... wtf with the dark souls picture? lol
kerona9... This is really good man, could turn it into something epic if put some Pac on there.
pablo M... Kinda sound like some old school kanye 
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