Sad Deep Rap Instrumental - Ups And Downs #NEW

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Josh Em... Seeing all these people writing their own raps on here I wonder why there aren't more rappers out there? Do you guys go out for studio time or not? If you don't some of you should try to cause from what I'm seeing some of you could make it
Jerome ... Will you start making these louder? thanks !
Complex... me and my friend have rap battles this is my diss : gabe saying rich gang is about as likely as a black man joining the kkk. that's just the thing all u rappers say. and that's why u only have 0.12 in ur google pay u try to diss me u is mental ur go to at the dealer is the nisonnnn rental. my flows being suspenseful when i got the pad now go get the pencil. and im stil the psycho hidden disciple, homicidal, delightful prideful vital one who is sill in denial.u said i suck no wait i think that's a typo,everytim u mess up u "dont even try tho". this time im watching the time go and ur girlfriend still my side oh. plus you still dont have the antidote.This was ur only hope now he be like trump goin bankrupt -and i think ive won this battle so get me the vanquish -.wait did i forget to mention just to release the tension my brain and my soul have a connection,thats why flows go together like the 7 dimensions. i call that my extension, its my invention. its the thing that provides a prevention from a ill mind suspension. now do i have your attetion? i think u agree that is not a misapprehension. when i start to think my mind goes blank and flows like a riverbank. I dont know if it will help in the runoff but ik my rhymes fire like a mosaltof. so gabe this is for u . wait u had no u had no clue well then i got two words for ya screw u its the truth. speech
NeverCr... Oye Are Good
Lobster... ive escaped and ran away from the plain of the masses,
watching every brain get enslaved to the shackles,
it's a cage that we're saddled in,
filters erased when the waves of this acid hits,
half the population is crazy,
they gave a blade to a masochist,
so i try to pave a way to embrace all the savageness,
people starving whilst other bathe in the lavishness,
we're crazy and chained to the face of our statuses,
trying to make change like the ways of an activist,
we can all do it without the stupid grace of a sacrament,
acting like an alien animal alluring to all like the brain of an analyst,
now watch how i break into assonance,
took psilocybin found the art like ive shaken the catalyst,
88Beats... Dope beat ! subscribed :)
JK_thep... Can I use this for my new track bro? its for Youtube Only
PS: that beat its the best I ever heard
and I call you in the description and in the title

Thanks bro
Wesss... +Aidan Salzano I can totally relate to that man. Very well written. I love it man!
The__K0... im an upcoming artist.. I love your Beats.. I would love to make something with them.. Check my youtube channel, like, subscribe, and comment

Zac Roc... Can I use for nonprofit? Would include credit to you
Jaime S... hey man, im a musician from pa. Ive been trying to find the right sound for myself for years and i think your beats are just what i need to feed my creativity. I'd love to collab with you on an entire mixtape/demo. I'd love to hear from you man. Peace
Jesus S...
Meandon... dope  :)
Isaac W... I have been trying to reach you man, j wrote you on your fb music page please reply
Jake So... Can I use nonprof? Thanks man good ish
NDKnead... I like all type of beats you make man but your emotional tracks are just legendary :)