Miqu Beats - Smooth Soft Rap Instrumental My Mind #NEW

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keanu t... I'm my own person-
I've got dreams-
worth the hurting-
a million doller thing-
to pursuing behind my curtins-
I'm quick to be judge-
cause I'm still learning-
but if you hating from the guts-
I hope it's hating that mucks-
you up-
while you choking an spitting-
something up-
but I don't a give a fuck-
hope it's blood that your-
puking out-
Bryan S... dude this beat is so awesome... the time it pauses really drops me out of line but ill figure itnout
Cypilot... can i use this for an outro to videos
Auswitz... This is beautiful can I use this for non profit? Full credits given and I'll send you link once its posted
Jesse W... Im of my own person,
person defines what his worth his.
worthless only if his work is worth less
then what he woke up for.
I wake up for million dollar dreams
and even bigger donations. wanna
change the world but first i gotta take
a few vacations. build relations.
Getting older but no ones gonna take
my age away. my days are played on
on your best friends escalade. and the homies
with civics pushing 15 inches on the kickers
providing more energy then tesla in half a night
my lyrics go faster then light passing life on the 5
to the 405 to sell a cd. next goal is too fly my mom
out to LA to see me. 5 star hotels and traveling
got good friends in bad places. watching people
with blank faces texting and driving there location
to get tickets for the show.
Officia... Killed this beat check it out!! https://soundcloud.com/k-prizzy/lonely
Daniel ... Can i uss this beat for a rap will give creds?
b00ks91... Is there a page where I can either license or download a beat of yours?
Equal... Me gustsa.
Very good job!
Trebla... nice
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