Piece of the underwater world

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Nature Aquarium by Marcin Wnuk
3 months old setup based on ELOS bottom system and liquid ferilisers. High quality quarium, optiwhite glass, hand-made by NACD

Music : https://soundcloud.com/artifex28/fade-away


Marti C... Wow i to się nazywa profesjonalna akwarystyka!! Pięknie!!!
Phil Gr... Really enjoyed the video and the scape is amazing.
Boberto... Magic! In any meaning of this word :}
James C... Oh that's awesome, I'm gonna consider that for my guppy tank now, thanks for the enlightenment :)
peHa:68... I have srimps in many tanks with mollies and gupies. Ii is quite safe in my opinion :)
James C... I've always wondered about cherry shrimp and mollies, guppies, etc. Does the population dwindle due to that factor or no. I have shrimp in there own aquarium, but would like to add to other aquariums if they can survive the fish
simon e... Super beautiful aquarium!
theBioH... Ah it's soo nice!!!
Źródło: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXvsAY8nTF2_Y3aOfDPWtMg