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Do you have any sick video for me that include ?: - Fast Spraydowns - Sick Aces / Clutches - Ninja Defuses - Grenade kills - Wallbangs - Triple Kills - Sick Team-kills If so, please send them my way and you could be in the series! Click here: http://goo.gl/gVFJF4 (Preferably with a link to the video from YouTube) Players in this video: - NGU Sart - Spartics My nickname for the game - RASTA KOXX_YT ▼Want to contact me ? Discord: RASTA KOXX#6358 Polska Strona: http://www.criticalops.pl ----------------- Polski Discord: https://discord.gg/dmMZ5NH ----------------- ➞song: ➞Link:

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Rasta O... 100 Likes = No Scopes #2 ♥
Alex pl... Kto sub za sub? ??
FearzAy... Nice video. I wanna submit my video to. So what do I do for that?
Kibolek... You have mlg
Bloger ... по русский
fgfdgfd... Rasta zagramy 1v1 w copsie
Samuel ... Crazy af bro..., i subbed.... Waiting for part2
GEMS BO... Gg bro!
TalkO G... I want to become like you and get more subscriber's tour my idol!!!
Unnamed... jesteś teraz w Ngu?

Mirko Z... Omg i am in the video! :))
Thx man i love u ahaha
Wata 42... Korean actors confirmed
snotgra... hey nice vid im a new sub
Maximuz... 0:01 what Kind a music?
Itz Rai... I can't kill with scopes on....lol
Felive_... Sick!
MaNo- I... nice noscopes
iddy FX... most of them are setup
Chav0s0... Wow,nice video!
lil poo... 01:14 NAJLEPSZY! ❤ ps
Jakie masz ratio?
Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkNH8pmO7C299AeQb-6KIZQ