Rasta Official - Critical OPS - Shotgun BEASTS! FP6, Super90 #4 C-OPS Polska

A small compilation of shotgun kills sent to me by the community, send c-ops fails now. Many thanks guys! Do you have any sick video for me that include ?: - Shotgun Kills - Fast Spraydowns - Sick Aces / Clutches - Ninja Defuses - Grenade kills - Wallbangs - Triple Kills - Sick Team-kills If so, please send them my way and you could be in the series! Click here: http://goo.gl/gVFJF4 (Preferably with a link to the video from YouTube) Players in this video: - will0w - Nitro Excalibur My nickname for the game - RASTA KOXX_YT ▼Want to contact me ? Discord: RASTA KOXX#6358 Polska Strona: http://www.criticalops.pl ----------------- Polski Discord: https://discord.gg/dmMZ5NH ----------------- ➞song: Stonebank

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DuBsTeP... how do u get a bigger hitmarker?
TheAltA... I'm famous I'm N1Tr0Excalibur ._.
Darkblu... Yooooo atlas ?
will0w... the only thing im good at in this game xd
Yi?itha... You used to be "Sleppsez Game" comment at channel did I guess. I'm the owner of the channel that you comment on some videos I made. If you remembered me fighting with some people with Sniper answer please.
iOS iTz... Lol why is atlass in this vid XD
_-1mp0s... rasta ale ty masz farta z tymi nozami na multi kontach zazdro ja poluje na hot roda remixa
lapka i subik leci spk filmik i sukcesow w przyszlosci :)
GEMS BO... Nice vid bro!
Small S... nice!like
SmOkez... man..when is another sniper montage? ;-;

Stephen... more like shotgun nabs
Zbieram... Rasta jak nagrać wideo na odcinek bo nieumiem

???? ??... laaaaaaaaakkeeee
[N]Nuff... how to settings
Ulther... NICD
Kostkow... wbijać do mnie też nagrywam critical Opsa
Tef man... Your videos is cool
???????... Wow, Like a Boss xD
panZwis... Like ? sub już dawno ?
Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkNH8pmO7C299AeQb-6KIZQ