Rasta Official - Critical OPS - Uratio Sniper MONTAGE! #12 C-OPS | Polska

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Nazar I... Ты русский? Просто там в твиттере сообщение пришло, где по русски написанно
Yo Kev... Im a mobile phone editor, mind if i finesse these clips, credit you and put my own twist on it?
Franti... You are slow with scope
OneXia ... Good video and iphone good phone :]
RandomB... Dude..this is not your montage
Zgo Tm... mobile?
K2 Beat... Jaki tel
KQ 465... how u get those cutscenes of the map
tomodac... this

krjrhejehejrjjrj4ei rangun haahhahahahahahhahahahah
tomodac... this

tomodac... this
Not A M... How can you people noscope that good when i cant noscope someone right in front of me and i never did it either.
Oper -... ты русский 100%
_K8-... wow, increible??
PowerHy... this guy was borned with a sniper
???????... Dat 360 nowscowpe thowwwwww
ZaRRee ... Aim assist
Alex pl... Kto sub za sub???
DN Herc... Nice montage :)
DN Herc... Nice video :)
Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkNH8pmO7C299AeQb-6KIZQ