Marbozir - XCOM 2 War of the Chosen #7 - Modded Legend - Shadow Mask

Welcome back to XCOM 2 War of the Chosen! This is my second XCOM 2 War of the Chosen campaign, started just after fall 2017 update. Playing modded legend, the mod list includes A Better Advent and Metal Over Flesh mods. If you enjoyed the video, please leave a like!

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Tsunami... Gramps looks like a freaking faceless
German ... did the micro die?, i blame the chosen.
Green T... 7:45 Thy look that templar give is great. "Oh... no"
Still... 7:50 Templar peeking out and then hiding.
sqliqbi... Today, you get to play a new game : try to guess when Marbs utters one of his famous trademark catchphrases ! Like "Yes, it's still moving, and whose fault is that ???" after a "target's still moving !"

edit : also, rofl at that Templar face @7:48..... "Oh hi. Come here often ?"
Pixar S... Thank You for playing our game Player Hope you enjoy it tell us any clitches
Uranos8... Too bad you cannot upload a review of the mission - as in only all the moves as if the AI was in control. Would be fun to watch.
Fiddler... Thank god, more war of the chosen. Hey Marbs, have you tried Bounty Train?
billtan... Final,y Bradford gets to say what he wants in a Mission without getting interrupted by Marbozir! ?
Metatar... I skip nothing!

BadgerW... Finally Bradford got his chance to say all the things he ever wanted.
Fair played.
Last Te... Well that escalated quickly.... well done Marb!
Drowned... 10:14 "The God's elevate me! Ow my head!"
Matt Gr... 22:24 how could you pass on Freddy Spaghetti??
Reffie2... I always like your content. Even rewatch the vid in 144p for vintage quality.
Nick Ch... Fancy seeing you here... ;)
SWGOH R... Real Marbs fans can fill in the commentary:) great vid as usual
snapsho... Sorry, but the commentary is the best about your videos, so I woll skip it. However, please try "Blood Bowl 2"! You are the master of turn based strategy. I want to see you play blood bowl!!!
MrSupas... I can already hear your voice when Warlock appeared :)
Jesse F... We don't need to hear your voice here to guesstimate your comments:
Oh! Hai!
Hi, you ugly.
Come here often?
Let's move people.
Don't miss.
Aw come on!
I blame X for the miss.
I can't go here...
No full cover...
Let's dash.
Should be safe to dash.
This should hit... Famous last words.
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