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I've been having a hard time answering all of my messages on social media. People have even gotten frustrated with me because it's been taking me so long to answer their messages or I don't answer their messages at all. I just don't have the time. Therefore, I recommend that you participate in my live streams on YouTube and Facebook if you want a better chance of your messages getting answered.

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Immorta... Hey Bible Flock Box. No response needed. You go very indepth in your reasearch. Have you reasearched "Praying Jesus into your heart"? I found out the practice is only a little over two hundred years old. The church fathers do not record convertions this way. Acts 2 seems to be consistant with what the church fathers and apostles record.
Caleb B... Please pray for my girlfriend Krystal. She has IBS. Which causes her to eat very few things. Thank you....
The Qui... Im glad you are not one of those Youtube who get so many subscribers and choose to not answer because they let the fame get to them. I'm glad you are very humble
Kiri Lo... I learnt so much from this guy and a few others and from reading the bible at home by myself than any church I have been to -__-.
Esther ... Greg I'm so proud of you. And the way you find the truth. My grandma was a Catholic then she purchased a Bible and started to reading. and found that it's sinful to worship other gods so she repented and throw away all the saints and worship the LIVING GOD the CREATOR. After that she was preaching the gospel.
Greg. I want to support your
Ministry., I' m new on the electronic.
Greg you're doing a wonderful work! !!
May the LORD JESUS continue to bless you and your family.
Love you
brayden... Amen brother metal is the devils music god forbid being yourself amen well put women are cooks
Make Ga... Love your posts Greg, keep doing what your doing .
WarmPot... I WISH I had that much attention
Vince R... I would recommend avoiding google and anything to do with them including gmail. How many 6's do you see in thier icon, the circle and G? Look up their profile and see who they are working with etc. DuckDuckgo is a much safer alternate search engine, they don't track your searches, hold your data and no annoying ads. Just throwing it out there. God bless you all!
Drew.L ... Help me please help please please help me please please help please please
Allison... why are you people so easily fooled?! his teachings are wrong! look at his video about him talking about the book of Enoch! he contradicts himself!
The Edu... Yeah i agree with greg and pls participate with his livestreams and have mercy one him i support you greg
Nordic ... You're Polish?
David A... why did you?
icey ma... Thanks Jesus from new Zealand islands
Adora D... All good Greg. Totally understand. I've watched pretty much all your vids without any interaction. Am happy to further my study and get your insight.
Don't be discouraged about the popularity of your broadcasts. God Bless!! Please don't reply. I dont have the time either. ? lol
AGfrien... Can you make a video about the fake prophetess Helen White.
I’m not sure if you’re an Adventist by denomination but I’m sure you know more details and in depth about Helen White.
Alex Ga... Stay strong you are a Fisher of men. They are bitting lol
BeckyD1... Make sure to put up a disclaimer so those people won't be so impatient. :-)
Źródło: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIR5QZdcEZgpeCCXIiCxRYg