Dungeons 3 - Campaign Gameplay #11 - The Prince of Hell

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Welcome to Dungeons 3 gameplay! Dungeons 3 is a dungeon management game, where you get a chance to unleash your dark side. Build rooms, traps and structures, raise an army and corrupt the overworld! Dungeons 3 is coming out on 13th October 2017.
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Samuel ... Marbozir vs. Jaina... whoops wrong game
Jørgin... make more of dungeon 3
poilboi... Yaina from Dollaran, lmao. I thought the great demonlord Archimound or something destroyed it.
firemas... elves for female demons?
Jarle M... Dolloran... and Yannna. Nope not wow at all... guess Mr Marbozir have not played Warcraft :)
Drizz17... This game is epic!
More content!
xveers... I'm loving this series and this game. And every level there's not just more jokes and references, but wildly different stuff! Besides the usual fantasy stuff, you got the came references when the first hero went into the hellhole :D
Kimberl... Remember to physically smack a gravestone to get grave dust. Not sure if you missed that comment from the narrator or not. Great series and I am looking forward to more.
stars n... 'for the alliance!' i bet... :p
Wiley C... Loving the series!!!!!!!
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