Cycu1 - Gears of War 2 Xbox One X Backward Compatibility Gameplay Walkthrough

Back in the day Gears of War 2 was one of the best looking games of previous generaion. How is it holding u now? Let's have a look thanks to Xbox One X backward compatibilty.

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Valenti... Gears 2 Remastered is ain't happened. You can play original XBOX 360 games on the XBOX ONE X. Turn on the 4K resolution.
???? ??... Xbox One ?
gamespl... i play in xbox 360 resolution 720 p
dotchet... Man, I love these games. I played the campaign with friends CO-OP and MP too. I no longer have the old 360 since many years... but I've got a hot spanking new PC I built, and I'm plowing GEOW 4 at the moment. I just found that GEOW 1 is available as a remastered version for the PC, I'm getting that soon. Hope they revive the entire franchise the same way.
TheMcFa... The best speech ever given in a game
Rafael ... Essa trilha sonora é de arrepiar!?
Fox Uni... so they give us gears of war ultimate edition, X enhancements for gears 3, x enhancements for gears 4 but nothing at all for gears 2? does this mean a gears of war 2 ultimate edition is on the way?
Raul... Am I the only one who believes and thinks they might be a Gears of War 2 Anniversary I so called the first Gears of War remastered when Xbox one was coming out no one believed me until I start seeing people post about it and I'm pretty sure those people with me on that too but I would really love to see Gears of War 2 4K HDR 60 FPS or just a straight-up 1080p 60fps I really had fun in this back in what was it 2008 LOL
uusrika... is this 4k ?
Serhat ... Very best Gears Titel
SCCP Th... Amazing
ragnar ... 4k genial
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