Damian Sulewski Music - Best Of Tania Zygar | Top Released Tracks | Vocal Mix

▼▼▼ TRACKLIST BELOW ▼▼▼ ► Facebook: ► YouTube: ► Soundcloud: ► Mixcloud: ► Twitter: ► Instagram: SUPPORT MY CREATIVITY: ► Donate PayPal: ► Become a Patron EN: ► Become a Patron PL: Any submission please send to my e mail address or facebook fanpage. (pictures, mixes, any idea, etc.) TRACKLIST: 1. Shogun feat. Tania Zygar Find Me 00:00 2. Estiva & Tania Zygar Death Of Me 05:15 3. Arty feat. Tania Zygar The Wall 10:05 4. tyDi feat. Tania Zygar Why Do I Care 15:45 5. Max Graham & Tania Zygar Diamonds (Max Graham Club Mix) 18:35 6. Dinka & Tania Zygar Not Okay 23:10 7. Space Rockerz feat. Tania Zygar Puzzle Piece (Daniel Heatcliff's Farewell Remix) 27:35 8. tyDi feat. Tania Zygar Half Light 33:15 9. tyDi Vanilla feat. Tania Zygar 38:25 10. tyDi Tania Zygar The Moment It Breaks feat. Tania Zygar 42:20 11. Tania Zygar & Matt Lange Dark Paradise (Lana Del Rey Cover) 45:20 12. Diversion ft. Tania Zygar Bright Lights 49:15 13. Diversion & Tania Zygar On Your Mind 53:25 14. Matt Lange feat. Tania Zygar Way You Know 58:00 15. Vijay & Sofia Zlatko feat. Tania Zygar Wildest Dreams 01:01:20 TAGS: Mix, Trance, Progressive Trance, Best of, Top 10, Releases, Uplifting Trance, Vocal Trance

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Tania Z... <3 <3
Doc Hol... cool mix Damian. thx for your amazing effort to trance
Robbie ... She has good songs
Gary Co... Good company music
John De... 5:15 - Death of Me
1:01:20 - Wildest Dreams
yooe23 ... Puzzle piece! <3
Protato... i like how the artist doesnt plug himself or tells you to enjoy the music /compilation for some minute :)
John De... 01:01:20
???????... Безусловно,ангельский голос, талантливых девушек,придаёт шарм...
731remi... Dzięki za tę składankę...naprawdę dobra robota, powodzenia.
Everlov... goodness of all that can be called beauty
Jude Ma... ?❤??TANIA?ZYGAR??❤?
Lars No... ???❤❤❤❤❤??
nedyalk... love it
Yukio N... That's a good song
kelvin ... №7. 27:35 !!
Purnend... This is The Magic of Damian Sulewski....
Sweet Songs, Heavenly Music, Angelic Voice, Awesome Selection....

In Those Tracks My Best is : - >
tyDi feat. Tania Zygar - Why Do I Care
Jarrod ... Beautiful selection brother! i'm loving these trance mix's that focus on a specific vocalist. Keep em coming.
LIKE DA... Excelente selección de canciones...
Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1hHNLoQAr_5n2I-wHqE0Kw