Marbozir - XCOM 2 War of the Chosen #25 Bleeding Fog

Welcome back to XCOM 2 War of the Chosen! This is my second XCOM 2 War of the Chosen campaign, started just after fall 2017 update. Playing modded legend, the mod list includes A Better Advent and Metal Over Flesh mods. If you enjoyed the video, please leave a like!

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Coup Cr... Aaaaaand there's the updated version of Marbz' Soldiers' Stats :
Piotr S... That rocket is awful we need to get another H. Weapon
Wasted ... Can we call the third Spark "Aimbot?"
OldDood... I swear you could 'Heal' the Spark with a Specialist...I thought I have before
sweenig... Archon autopsy unlocks a Spark repair speed upgrade
Melissa... Did you start a new Proving Ground project after Sparky was built?
Cid Hom... Those sparks look cool though.
MrSupas... 4:20
"Did you tried to suppress me? Here's my answer"
Cid Hom... Damn that Spark launcher is bugged as hell! lame.
Kev Pet... Hi Marbs...maybe you're not aware of this, but there is a spot in Engineering (when you look at it from the overall view of the Avenger) that you can put the Spark into to speed up its repair rate. It's my belief (from what I've learned) that that is how you reduce repair time. Hope it helps, anyway. Great vid, by the way.
stars n... i was honestly expecting that 99 to miss :p
Wilbert... Who came up with the voice lines for the SPARK's, they are the sassiest mechs ever
cripple... Upvote for next spark name to be Sir Bearington
Deluded... The spark rocket launcher shenanigans is pure bullshit. The bit is floating above the spark and it is blocked by low cover???
Th3Well... Hey marbs loving this series, was wondering will there be another civ 5 series anytime soon?
Raisen-... isn't the frost bomb still worth to carry even with that Dark Event? because its only affect advent units and not Alien units and i believe robotic/mecs units too (unless they count as advent units too). I know is because of utility and i kind of agree on that point too since more granades = damage + more shredd and more destroy covers.
PG... I strongly implore you to try some time. Its pretty well balanced and adds some interesting classes
Drowned... 15:27 Glitch alert. You had that Viper suppressed, yet it moved without generating a reaction shot. Lame.
circlem... I do love Marb's.... "He'll be fine" then either all hell breaks lose or he nails everthing.
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