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Definitely Not a Malphite Montage

Kshaway »

Data dodatnia:7-12-2017

Send me your League of Legends replays (rofl files, not recorded) to: Kshawaay@gmail.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kshawaay

League of Legends is a game i guess.

Ending music : South Park: The Fractured But Whole - Character Sheet Music Theme
Skin : https://mapskins.com/2017/09/17/this-is-not-malphite/
星爆人 Billy Herrington
The Drizzle 404 1:39 was the perfect opportunity for that monty python skit.
anita Taki skin powstał? Supiks :D
Ojou Bronzodia returns
Panduh That Gachi scream made the video
mr salt wow you really ROCKED this video with those clips, i'm pretty sure it was ROCK hard for you </3
Jason Street Anyone else think Malphite looks like Jeff Kaplan?
Kozzy Kay I always thought that being a funny thing, firstly introduced in Ratchet & Clank games. Every time I see skins like this in LoL, nostalgia gets me.
MatGamingYT 1:32 did he die if u guess correct you are a pro
TheKiyoshiX3 Main song name?
Tim Scarff Definetely not upset at the 3 minute video.
Ghyslaine Unstoppable btw
Joel Billiams Did you actually just reference Sonic R from 1:38-1:50? I RECOGNIZE THAT POV/STEPPING SOUNDS ANYWHERE!
Juan Diego Ok, the walking from the base part had me tears that was so funny, you made my day.
DarkTree i wish for the full AD darius video
Mertcan Ağ 1:24 - 1:51 best league of legends stuff i have ever seen. I dont even remember that if i commented a league video before.
Rezgrio holy shit that zoomed in running all the way up from lane bit fuckin killed me
coolchrisable zeltrix94 wasnt havent non of dat bs XD (there was probley a ward in the bush)
MLG Doge How tf i can use custom skins? I want one too
Astraea41 who replayed the jinx part many times? xD